Diamond in the Rough: Restoring a Classic American Luxury Car ( Episode 1)

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) Ford built the 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V Diamond Jubilee Edition to celebrate the companies 75th year in the automobile business. A grand total of just 5,159 cars were built. To help celebrate the the 75th anniversary and to distinguish the car from other Lincoln Mark V the Diamond Jubilee was available in only two colors, Diamond Blue and Jubilee Gold. In this very special and very personal 1st episode Roman Mica and his British Car mechanic friend Ted Ax set out to restore and Roman’s Dad’s old and very neglected 1978 Continental Mark V Diamond Jubilee edition. The first order of business is to get this American Classic luxury car running. Will it start? You’ll have to watch this first episode to find out.
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A video about a restoration of a 69′ chevy Camaro from wreck to restored.
Music by Dj Quattro.nl

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    40 Responses to Diamond in the Rough: Restoring a Classic American Luxury Car ( Episode 1)

    1. Fleck Smugbrother says:

      I want to learn how to do this shit!

    2. Michael Tichenor says:

      bondo kings shitty job they do make replace panels

    3. Marcelo Villa says:

      Theirs a 1967 mustang sitting in my town for years all messed up and everything but i dont got the money to take it home with me and turn it into. A beast!! Someday itll have to do.

    4. Hybridity™ says:

      could someone tell me what they are doing at 1:17 and what they put on it at 1:54

    5. azam adnan says:

      damn son

    6. David Mendoza says:

      Those rims look sick!!!! 

    7. Roland Floback says:

      wow, that is cool, great job on it. im impressed

    8. Mahendra Adriansyah says:

      are they fuel effecient? and if not then how bad  are they?

    9. Samsgarden says:

      Them bling wheels are inappropriate

    10. Mattis Yrtos says:

      Splendid rescue for this mystic car !

    11. Ermac   ‍ says:

      That can't be the same car! So nice!!!

    12. MrOrmesby says:

      Love the music, reminds me of a German group called Kraftwerk from the Eighties. Was nice to see the new engine being shoe-horned into the car. Great seeing an old auto get a new lease of life.

    13. Jamie Carter says:

      Seemed like a lot of filler was being used to straighten the body. why not spend the time and rework the steel?

    14. George Patton says:

      Not a fan of those wheels

    15. John L says:

      I wish more folks would do 'original style' restorations.  "The Monkey Garage Look", with 22" rims, painted Silver or Black is ok at first, but people are getting sick of seeing that everytime.  Lets see some restored to original ;)

    16. Mercmad says:

      I bet there is plenty of rust still hidden up in that cowl plenum.  You cant get away with patching rust on the base of the cowl on these .

    17. Joe Di Carlo says:

      Stop it with those gay rims already

    18. dewey dodo says:

      SMEAR job with bondo . Buyer beware .

    19. Charlie Prince says:

      Forget the rims…lets talk about that freakin background music.

    20. horseunknown TDC says:

      Those wheels – yuck…

    21. Mark Smith says:

      First time to view this video? You can skip to part 9 and you ain't gonna miss a damn thing! And there's no part 10 and the car still isn't even close to being finished! Save yourself a couple of hours!

    22. Tomáš Nachtigal says:

      It's nice to see, you have Czech ancestors. Your parents were really lucky when they managed to get out of the Czechoslovakia. 
      But still, great video.

    23. Ole Morten Fiksdal says:

      God bless

    24. dylan davison says:

      this kind of angers me, how could you leave a car that was that nice in a storage yard for 9 years? with only 22,000mi. wtf

    25. TheTellybou says:

      Not to undermine your Lincoln, but what's with the full yard of classic Audi's? You may be surprised, but this is a treasure trove for many viewers; Any Audi fan seeing your video will wait in earnest for every time the camera turns towards the 5000's !. (I know I was..) You might want to think about doing a short clip on these vehicles alone, just to allay the curiosity of these viewers. Or you might even want to extend this to a full video about the 5000, It was quite the car in the 80's and ground breaking on a number of levels – the most remarkable being its aerodynamics.   

    26. GhibliDisco says:

      Ahh they pronounce Citroen wrong, it's pronounced Citren, or Citron, not CitrOen. Well thats how we pronounce it in Britain anyway

    27. Safiya Down says:

      the British mechanic does not have the British accent…sounds north american to me!

    28. Wilbur Snaffel says:

      Roman, what did you end up doing with the Lincoln ?  I hope you did a full resto.

    29. Ben Smith says:

      why would you leave a nice car sitting in the open for so long? 

    30. Asif Ali says:

      Shit camera man

    31. Billy Bunter says:

      I thought this was about restoring a car,not some blokes …blah blah blah blah.

    32. Mike Dart | ProFsxVideos says:

      Any electrical shocks when shorting the solenoid? Haha…

    33. hippymule says:

      I own a 77 Thunderbird. Same as Mark V. Personally I love cruising around in my car.

    34. funkyrimpler says:

      too much yappin not enough Snap-On…the american idea of luxury is a tractor with air con.

    35. Tigerfire75 says:

      So you didn't like your father that much huh?  I mean you let the car your dad left you go to seed.  Seems sad to me. 

      I like the Lincoln and would buy one myself.  I think it looks cool and it is different then most cars on the road today.

    36. Savannah Liberto says:

      I'm sorry but if this car is so special (and if the story you tell is true. Then your dad certainly thought it was) why did you leave it to rot like that???

    37. Pieman6711 says:

      good idea, like it. but the fact that the cameramen were in some of the shots threw me off and brought my attention more to them more than the subjects of the video.

    38. Matthew Maguire says:

      What a lovely thing, God bless that man, American cars are amazing

    39. Blake Ray says:

      I really wish they would've continued with this… It's sad that he pretty much just gave up. These cars do get tedious and sometimes overwhelming to repair but driving them is worth it. The people you meet and stories you exchange and the memories held by these old Lincolns are priceless. I would love you see this car in a semi restored state with atleast a new top and some paint

    40. EqwanoX says:

      the mark v had so many distinctive design cues, i just got mine a couple weeks ago, i put chrome 20s on it and it looks fuckin amazing, way better than the cadillacs of the era