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Linear Actuators used:

Anchor Poles used:

Switch used:

A year ago, I set out to make power poles DIY-style for tiny boats after watching “The Low-Budget Outdoorsman’s video on his version of a DIY power pole / shallow water anchor systems. I’ve finally refined the version into a very nice set-up on this up and coming yak killer – the Alumacraft TS-14 restoration. This is a good alternative set-up if you don’t care for the expense or look of micro anchors.

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    20 Responses to DIY Power Poles / Achors for Tiny Boats | Shallow Water Anchors | Alumacraft

    1. Eric Moore says:

      holy crap the way your mind works is impressive. Your eyeball and on the fly engineering skills are impressive.

    2. fishing is my drug says:

      WOW! Thank you for this video!!

    3. Luis Rosario says:

      This I'd awesome

    4. Tim G says:

      Nice work.

    5. David Cook says:

      How deep will the anchors work?

    6. markymark3075 says:

      Great video!

    7. Wifeandkids01 says:

      Have you ever considered making and selling those shallow anchors ?

    8. James Michael says:

      BOSS MAN

    9. Adventure Fishing says:

      Cool and all but boats like this wouldnt cut it on the great lakes

    10. Davidn93 says:

      Left pvc shorter than the right? Doesn't really affect it right

    11. Kevin Rowlett says:

      Thats so awesome man!! Having these would eliminate achor ropes in my way on my 12ft! Man oh man have u got some ideas swirling in ur head mr lopez lol dope vid, YOU DA MAN BRAH!!!!

    12. Brandon and Son's says:

      I would still use ropes and anchors with this so you have a fail safe system

    13. david frank says:

      That's pretty amazing. It amazes me how smart some people are. I definitely don't blame you for wanting to build your own. The store-bought power poles are completely overpriced. I look forward to seeing more footage on this when you get out on the water and try it out. Look forward to your next video and again nice job.

    14. Wifeandkids01 says:

      Well “ artist “ I’d like to buy a painting lol. I’m going to give it a shot and build two for my old boat when I actually have time to work on it. Keep up the good work and just know that your talent and ideas motivate a LOT of people.

    15. Chris Hodskins says:

      What are you using for you anchor rod? Fiberglass? First time watching this video

    16. Kevin Baker says:

      Great video. Where do u get your anchor rods?

    17. Brandon Mahaffey says:

      That’s really cool man, thanks for sharing!!

    18. Noah Lochner says:

      Great video, I enjoyed the engineering / DIY aspect of the video and I know you
      Do it this way so that the average dude could build one. But man, you should get yourself a welder set up for aluminum. Then sky’s the limit for your builds and will inspire more dudes to learn to weld aluminum too!



    19. Ricky Wright says:

      Nicely done. I want to attempt these also. How deep will yours anchor?

    20. The Low Budget Outdoorsman says:

      That is LEGIT! Well done.