Dog The Bounty Hunter (S07E44) “Oh Brother, Where art thou”

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Dog and his team take part in an anti-drug parade, then pursue a convicted drug dealer named Pana. A woman with a score to settle helps Dog set a trap to catch him.

what a colossal dumbass; this is your brain on drugs, any questions?

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too funny.

Beth and Baby Lyssa are just as tough as the men on the bounty hunting team. Take a look at some of verbal and physical altercations that Beth and Baby Lyssa had to encounter. Subscribe for.
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    6 Responses to Dog The Bounty Hunter (S07E44) “Oh Brother, Where art thou”

    1. Joyce Youngblood says:

      They should have taken him to jail with all those drugs and stuff. So hed be put away along time.

    2. Jesse Williams says:

      Come on boys!! Let's get us a Icehead!!!

    3. Taylor Tiffany says:

      I loved it when she popped up

    4. Alexis Kinsey says:

      Dog the Bounty Hunter is awesome TV show ever & Duane Lee Chapman jr is my favorite Bounty Hunter

    5. Todd Holderman says:

      Praying for your family and Beth's health.

    6. Scottwilkie18 says:

      Don’t fuck with lyssa