Bid Dogs vs Small Dogs

Whether you like big dogs or small dogs, the fact is either one will show you all the love you could want from an animal. Treat them right and show them love and they will return it 1,000%. Check out this article below…

I grew up hard. My first vivid memory is of my father breaking my mother’s neck. My childhood was riddled with constant and unending abuse. Within those four walls, there were always dogs. My father always had between five and eight dogs at a time, and my mother usually had the same. After their divorce, and between their two houses. “

.” In my younger years there was Spike at my mother’s house, and Tiger at my father’s house, then later there was Wolfie at mom’s and Daisy at dad’s. My relationships with these dogs of my childhood are just about the only positives from that time in my life.

I first ran away from home at twelve-years-old, and the hardest thing I did was leave my dogs behind — at that point, it was Marvin, Louie, and Eddie, three street dogs from Miami with pretty severe behavioral issues. When I look back on those three dogs, I see myself in them. Marvin was sweet and kind, forgiving and trusting, but he often ran off and escaped the yard. You couldn’t tie Marvin down. Louie was rough: we found him dragging his legs down the street, his hips broken. He was terrified of everything, and that fear often turned into an aggression. Eddie was mean on the outside, most people couldn’t even get near him without him growling or biting, but he was really just scared. Once you got close and earned his trust, once he knew you weren’t going to hurt him, he was just a little marshmallow.

Years later, Eddie died in my arms. Another dog had bitten him and my father refused to take him to the vet. It was a kill or be killed house, and Eddie had succumbed. I would have too, had I not bounced around in stranger’s houses until I was old enough to rent my own.


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