ESPN Ultimate Nascar: Speed and Danger

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    19 Responses to ESPN Ultimate Nascar: Speed and Danger

    1. KieranMonday says:

      And cant use the correct your/you're!

    2. HackingTutorials123 says:

      What a surprise, You're a JR Fan.

    3. HackingTutorials123 says:

      Kyle Busch has more wins this year, Than Jr in the past 5 years.

    4. Thomas Jowers says:

      Wow and I wrote about Jr where in my post? Typical Kyle Busch fan can't handle the truth so deflect to another subject.

    5. Thomas Jowers says:

      And actually I'm a Dale Sr fan first a Kevin Harvick fan second Jr is probably 4th or 5th on my list of favorite drivers.

    6. HackingTutorials123 says:

      You didn't have to write about him. Just look at your picture. If he is your 4th or 5th favorite driver, You wouldn't have him as your profile picture.

    7. Thomas Jowers says:

      I have pictures in Harvick's pit to and more of his car but I change my profile pic every so often!

    8. superkryp13 says:

      pause at 2:41 Earnhardt missed that wreck by inches, if he had been in that he probably would have walked and the 2001 Daytona 500 would not have ended that way

    9. Josh Wooten says:

      You can tell this is an old film. Referring to drivers as NEXTEL Cup drivers instead of Sprint Cup

    10. Job Salazar says:

      Magnificent story of NASCAR racing… 

    11. nayr497 says:

      What is going on with the voiceovers? It's awful. His voice and mock seriousness is so terrible that he seems like he's joking.

      An otherwise good doc is ruined by the faux gravity of his voice and intonation.

    12. darvish2012 says:

      +jeffg24LT21 and so did Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt.  THEY DON'T CHEAT!

    13. Bobby Kyser says:


    14. kyle langan says:

      cool video In memory of Dale Earnhardt Sr. number 3 lives on

    15. Bot pixel says:

      I almost cried at 29:45

    16. big trade says:

      They hype it to suppress interest, meanwhile it should be called SAFE and RICH.  Meanwhile, I can beat 33 of these guys in a race,. its a joke,.

    17. Maxx Madd says:

      It's interesting that they are worried about cars doing 200+MPH but doesn't INDY cars do around 230MPH now?I can't exactly say that's a safe speed for anything on the ground,but would be fun to see them do a race without restricitor plates at Daytona….just 1 time would be nice..

    18. batmandeltaforce says:

      NASCAR is a joke.

    19. Wade Davis says:

      He hit a solid concrete wall straight on; he went 160 to 0 in seconds. That impulse is unimaginable on a human being no way he would have lived unless there were SAFER barriers.