Exploring A Haunted Old Mining Camp & Gold Mine In Nevada

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKas_WBoqv0&fs=1&rel=0]

Exploring A Haunted Old Mining Camp & Gold Mine In Nevada

Zach and I explore an old mining camp high in the Nevada mountains. Did we find treasure….a skeleton perhaps???? Update: After I posted this video I found out that the cabin is haunted. I will never go go back to this place again!
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    20 Responses to Exploring A Haunted Old Mining Camp & Gold Mine In Nevada

    1. Richard Raucina says:

      I like guns too, but I dont think the cabins ownere was waiting for you in the root cellar

    2. mixup98 says:

      Richard…..have you ever seen "Cabin Fever" 🙂

    3. Richard Raucina says:

      Missed that, but dont believe in hauntings. Been in a hundred such cabins, and the biggest worry is a nail in the foot or Hanta virus. More dangerous is the grocery store parking lot. Those ARE haunted. Smart guys rarely leave home without a pistol in the pocket, however.

    4. ridefastdiefunmx says:

      excuse me ..I would really like to know where this mine is..if you wouldn't mind telling me

    5. ramon Gallardo says:

      11 seconds is that blood in the boots?

    6. mixup98 says:

      I can tell you it is in northeastern Nevada out in the middle of nowhere. Nevada has thousands of mines just like this and you can find them on every mountain range.

    7. Mark Seko says:

      We explore areas in Death Valley near Briggs cabin…. Lots of history and fun…

    8. mixup98 says:

      Mark…..I would love to explore Death Valley someday. Ever explore in Nevada?

    9. CrazyforTrouble says:

      How fun! Thanks for posting.

    10. mixup98 says:

      You're welcome, Crazy:)

    11. Adddam says:

      Lol pistol and hand for the cellar. Pew pew pew or rather bang bang bang

    12. mx420kid says:

      What kind of holster are you runnin? is that a Smith? great vids I'm enjoying them. 

    13. Frank Cassidy says:

      Nice scenery what a beautiful place. We don't have anything like that here in the UK

    14. Matthew Sherman says:

      gun drawn…watch out for them old rats son…lol…you could be a cop today…over armed, and scared to death of everything…lolol….cool video dude

    15. tom brown says:

      been to many areas around the nevada california border…..goldfield, rhyolite, dyer valley alabama hills around lone pine calif…………..many many places i will never go back to again….IF you decide to investigate any of these sites,  carry a gun.  Rattlesnakes and other creatures two legged and four legged….Charlie manson was up around the Lone pine area and the pass between there and nevada…..Be Carefull.

    16. tom brown says:

      been to a few places on the nts, on duty with m16 and handgun 226 that i never want to see or enter again as long as i live.  NO. no civilians are allowed up there.  give me 20 bad buys to face and i will do it……..ghosts and other shit.scare the hell out of me

    17. john bouley says:

      I'v always like old places like that. Great video!

    18. Tiachi Pnda says:

      looks like its outside elko

    19. Paul Dubyna says:

      Mr. rattlesnake would stay in that cellar, i would not go down there

    20. Paul Dubyna says:

      Where theres rats there are snakes