Extreme 4000hp TURBINE ENGINES pure sweet sound

Extreme 4000hp  TURBINE ENGINES pure sweet sound

This Platinum turbine race boat shreds the competitors in it’s first race. Off the line she dusts them literally in salt spray. No music here… just raw sound as it’s captured by the camera. Check out bucket loads of killer turbine videos on my channel… subscribe, comment, let me know what you’d like to see.

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    19 Responses to Extreme 4000hp TURBINE ENGINES pure sweet sound

    1. KaFeeN says:


    2. ZedMan1996 says:

      1:28 insane speed!

    3. Rich Bush says:

      bit of a boring video to be honest ….. 

    4. ROMPERRR says:

      For a video titled "…pure sweet sound" I definitely thought there would be more of it.  More than the sound of it creeping out of the harbor with the turbines unspooled…

    5. skibumull says:

      crappy filming and useless editing…..

    6. Dana Melnyk says:


    7. Iplay Pearldrums says:

      How much would a ride cost???  That's more fun than a lap dance…..lol.

    8. jfischer421ify says:

      Cool video but too much slow motion for me. I want to see it actually going fast a little more

    9. 4nuk8r says:

      Sure this is pure sour grapes but I think a Sea Skimmer that would actually fly 4-5 feet off the water makes "more sense". Cool boat. I just always liked usable stuff more than race gear…

    10. Davey Jones says:

      Sounds like the vacuum my mom used to have….yawn……

    11. thisissoeasy says:

      Wow! That was so cool…Thank you for sharing!

    12. urwisss1 says:

      exterior lock (sic!)

    13. Zer0 says:

      Anybody reminded of tropic thunder?

    14. steve1978ger says:

      the peace and quiet of a day on the water wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearrrrrrrrrrrr

    15. gatekeeper88 says:

      still no rods trolling lures in it? hehe.

    16. Colin Van Der Heide says:

      Platinum Princess … this is one bad ass piece of beautiful boat. I subscribed and the next video I want to see is me sitting in the cockpit … hee hee

    17. ALEX COOPER says:


    18. deadboy600 says:

      These exotic turbine boats are simply awesome, badass to the bone. But personally I would much prefer 3 or 4 blown big blocks screaming behind me in my boat.

    19. killer Mods says:

      you can hear the jet engines