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Stealth Aircraft, Air Defense, Military news, Tanks, Helicopters, World Best, Nuclear Missiles, Videos Populaires p VP8 Vorbis MiG-35 – multi-role fighter of “4 + +”

created using the latest achievements in the field of avionics, avionics and weapons. Developed in two versions – a single MiG-35 and MiG-35D double. First fighter was presented at an international air show “Aero India 2007”, and later – at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2007.

Aircraft are a further development of combat aircraft MiG-29K/KUB and MiG-29M towards improving combat effectiveness and versatility, as well as improved performance. MiG-35 – universal aircraft survivable in combat. Advantage it gives improved avionics systems aiming 5th generation and heavier armament.

MiG-29KUB – Deck multirole fighter 4th generation, which is a further development of the MiG-29 . Designed to meet the challenges of air defense of naval forces, air supremacy, defeat surface and ground targets with precision weapons, day and night in all weather conditions.

Ship MiG-29K (single) and MiG-29KUB (double) have improved performance and higher reliability of assemblies, systems and components. Planes can be based on aircraft carriers capable of receiving aircraft weighing over 20 tons, equipped with take-off and landing springboard arresting gear, as well as on land aerodromes. Aircraft armed with guided missiles for air combat, anti-ship missiles, anti-radar missiles and guided aerial bombs to destroy ground and surface targets.

The first flight of the prototype of the MiG-29KUB held in January 2007, production aircraft first flew in March 2008


Ka-52 – all-weather round the clock combat helicopter of the new generation, designed to destroy armored and unarmored ground targets, low-speed air targets and manpower to meet the challenges of intelligence and control group combat attack helicopters.

The first flight of the prototype took place in 1997, the exploitation of the Ka-52 was launched in November 2011. Helicopter is a further development of the model of Ka-50 . Significant difference is the number of crew: 2 people at Ka-52 against one person at the Ka-50.

The Ka-52 is equipped with a signature reduction devices, electronic protection system and means of active resistance. Ejection seats with rocket parachute system allows the crew to leave in an emergency helicopter under all flight conditions, at all speeds and altitudes.

The Ka-52 is equipped with a movable gun mount with a gun 2A42, ATGM “Whirlwind” with a laser beam guidance system and other weapons to the total weight of 2000 kg.


Su-33 – Navy Fighter 4th generation

Su-33 – single fighter ship springboard takeoff and landing aerofinishernoy, with the folding of the wing and horizontal tail (for hangar storage) and is equipped with refueling and fuel transfer in flight.

Su-33 is designed to destroy enemy air attacks independently and in cooperation with other forces and means of the ship aircraft carrier compound in solving problems and missile defense.

Su-33 is based on the Su-27 , commercially produced in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The first flight of Su-27K took place in 1987, and in 1989 was first realized on takeoff and landing heavy aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” . Su-27K was adopted in 1998 under the designation Su-33. He is one of the major aviation aircraft Navy Russia.
Su-35 – the newest super-maneuverable multi Russian fighter air supremacy

Created using technologies of the 5th generation.

Capable of detecting and hitting manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. As part of a guided missile weapons, bombs and artillery weapons. Capable of flying at any time, regardless of weather conditions. Able to perform automatic flight at extremely low altitudes with terrain following. In addition, the aircraft can be used for conducting concurrent exploration of land and sea theaters. Currently, flight-testing of the Su-35.
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