Florida Everglades

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    17 Responses to Florida Everglades

    1. 2 ATVS AND OUR LIFE says:

      In Key West if you put on your bikini Paul you may have got crowd more excited lol

    2. nashguy207 says:

      The girls look like they were fun to be with. Looks like it was a fun trip how are you doing without adriana around I'M sure it has been a little different. How is she doing over there is she getting everything ready to come back to Florida?. Good to see you posting another video. Take care and have a great week Paul. God Bless!!!

    3. Holleran Properties says:

      Helll your boobs are bigger than both of these chicks combined. The itty bitty titties committee!!! I guess your in between girlfriends again??? Find them sluts… oh yea!!!

    4. TheBalls says:

      I wouldn't check out those girl if I was a gyno. My IG too lit for either one

    5. PurpleNinja 2118 says:

      Nice video man I bet it took a while to edit tho!

    6. chris96298 says:

      Those 2 women are fuckin adorable! Wow!

    7. Android is #1 says:

      The two women are thots.

    8. TIG Welding Only TXSVIKING says:

      You could hold a mud event at the camp site!

    9. Tony Campbell says:

      Silly jeep That's not The mud bog.

    10. Ron Buskirk says:

      Great video, I love your travel videos makes you feel like you are riding along with ya

    11. Bill Riccio says:

      paul, you ever consider going with one of them mercedes sprinter van campers and towing the golf cart on a trailer behind the camper van?

    12. Mark C says:

      "Auto collisions are the primary cause of death for Florida Panthers"? Obviously Florida panthers must be awful drivers. Remember keep your paws on the wheel at 10 and 2

    13. bcarbaugh says:

      Guess you should of got the 4×4 dually bud,have a nice trip

    14. mikkat50 says:

      LOL !!!!!!!!! Never a dull moment with you Paul, looking forward to the update, snakes and panthers, and alligators be safe , sounds like fun !!!!!!

    15. dan ga says:

      I sure would love your life Clark. How nice would it be do be doing what you are right now. You really got me wanting to go to a MudBog if that's what it's even called but I'm afraid my Sperry's might get dirty 🙂

    16. ruffdeezy says:

      Love these videos. I'd love to go rv'ing around the whole country.
      To answer your question
      Cruz 1st choice
      Trump 2nd choice

    17. owen33333 says:

      Paul, you mentioned your need for a co-pilot, I'm moving from MD to FL this year. I'd like to apply!!!Owen