FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump And Sheriff Joe Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada (02-22-’16)

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Live Campaign Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada (02-21-’16)

Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence while expanding his interests in real estate, sports and entertainment. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance. An accomplished author, Mr. Trump has authored over fifteen bestsellers, and his first book, The Art of the Deal, is considered a business classic and one of the most successful business books of all time.

Mr. Trump is the Emmy-nominated star and co-producer of the reality television series, “The Apprentice” which quickly became the number one show on television, making ratings history and receiving rave reviews and world wide attention. “The Celebrity Apprentice” has met with great success as well, being one of the highest rated shows on television. The Apprentice’s record fourteenth season premiered in January, 2015. “You’re fired!” is listed as the third greatest television catchphrase of all time. In 2007, Mr. Trump received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and he is among the highest paid public speakers in the world. The Apprentice has raised over million for charity.

Mr. Trump was born in Queens, New York. He is married to Melania Trump and father to Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron. He is a proud grandfather of seven.
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    22 Responses to FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump And Sheriff Joe Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada (02-22-’16)

    1. jaytroyy says:


    2. Engelberth Campos says:

      Con q camara grabaste¿?

    3. FunLover Wild says:

      who is that hot guy behind him!! fucking hot!!

    4. Peter Geoghegan says:

      Trump is America. Loud, fake and stupid.

    5. Mustachio Productions says:

      Screw trump in every language possible

    6. Levi “TheMetalGuide” Jeans says:

      Why would you vote for a narcissistic, racist, sexist ASSHOLE like Trump?? "Make America Great Again"? What the fuck does that even mean? Do you even know? NO YOU DONT, because this RETARD doesnt even know! He is a joke and this whole country is a joke!

    7. Rickie Chan says:

      Good luck to all Americain, hope Trump can make US great again. We need someone like Trump in Canada too.

    8. Jodi Art says:

      I love the music

    9. Maria Linsey says:

      Obamacare also has the RFID CHIP in it and will be implemented in 2017

    10. Terry Bradshaw says:

      he inspires me and im in the uk wow

    11. Daryl Farley says:

      The pledge of allegiance, nice. Star spangled banner, nice. Americans please, please, we need to PRAY FOR TRUMP! He is only a man. A man can do NOTHING without Gods help. Trump takes all the credit, very dangerous. He is not COVERED!!! Please folks pray tonite and every nite to cover The Donald. We can do all this, just give credit to God- He is doing this great work through Trump, merely the vessel. Please don't come all this way only to fail again. The glory belongs to God alone for our success.

    12. Chris Hobson says:

      fuck trump cruz 2016

    13. InTheNameOfJustice says:

      Apparently, having a dick and having a vote does not matter to Trump. You have to have a vagina to count. 50% of the population don't matter? Are you fucking sure, Donald? 1:52:37

    14. elimonjal says:

      If Trump is accusing companies of going overseas and taking the jobs, why is he investing millions in other countries instead of in the USA ??

    15. Andrew Allen says:

      Donald Trump, Make America Great Again 2016!

    16. ashley kramer says:

      So the drug companies give a few million to a politician and in return get a guaranteed contract to supply hundreds of million dollars worth of drugs to the people for whatever price they like. So Trump is going to bid the contract and make the companies COMPETE to win it. No favourites, because, he has not taken bribes, donations or dirty money from any of them. This process will repeat itself over and over with all tenders and contracts eg the military, education, roads, bridges, etc etc.
      If this is really going to happen then the nation will save billions of dollars and experience a huge economic turnaround. If this actually happens, it will be the first time it has ever occurred in any Govt on the planet. Fingers crossed folks!!!

    17. anaimallecter says:

      The more the Media bashes the Trump. His numbers go up.  Trump is like Wyatt Earp. Washington has become Dodge City, when he becomes our next President he will fire his shotgun and say—  IT ALL ENDS NOW!!! That is why are the Evil Media and the Evil Politicians want him out .  Trump is Trumping all of them.

    18. Garden Of Eden says:

      Trump needs to stop talking about jobs. Politicians pushing socialism talk about jobs. Trump SHOULD be HELLO talking about getting our servants out of our way so we can create and employ the help of others in that creation. WE create the jobs. Politicians are not supposed to be creating jobs… or even making deals because some company says X many jobs will be created.

    19. Garden Of Eden says:

      Everyone agrees with Ron Paul on monetary policy, except of course the banksters. A Trump card for Trump (how bout that name is that for real? Really?) would be to at some point freak everyone the hell out (in a good way) by announcing he would put Ron Paul in charge of the Federal Reserve. – Ron could walk onto the stage in a jumpsuit, carrying a sledge hammer, (my pref) 24-Volt Milwaukee rechargable Saw-zall (sidearm – he can jest how he does believe in the "right to bear arms") wearing an fluorescent orange construction hat. How man of US would he gain? How many of THEM would he lose? Yes Ron is old enough to be everyone's grand-pa – but this would be a very SHORT appointment would it not?

    20. Extra M says:

      T – TRUMP will be the new President of the United States on 2016
      R – Reliable Candidate
      U – Universal Power and Unique
      M – Media fighter and Master of Debate
      P – Psychologically Perfect!!!

    21. Grey Matter says:

      Can he be the UK Prime Minister at the same time? He's got my vote.

    22. jamie corrigan says: