Gearhead Field Of Dreams – Antique Car Salvage yard

Old Salvage Yards

Where people go to find old classic cars and parts. Maybe that’s why is called “Field Of Dreams”. Watch and enjoy…

This old salvage yard is about 20 miles from where I live. Most of the’ cars and trucks here are from the’ ’40s ’50s and ’60s. You just don’t see old cars in salvage yards anymore, they have mostly been sent to the’ crusher for scrap. I could spend all day at a place like this!
Thanks for watchin’.

Contact info:
Vintage Auto Salvage
Possum Grape, Arkansas
Open Friday And Saturdays
501-201-0119 Ask For Ken

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    19 Responses to Gearhead Field Of Dreams – Antique Car Salvage yard

    1. Justen Redburn says:

      where is this located

    2. Xander Kresh says:

      no cars I like  1970 chevelles or Camaros or firebirds are the cars I care about

    3. Dave Lewandoski says:

      thanks for sharing! love the old cars, back when people could design a thing of beauty.

    4. austin tatious says:

      good video Hoss!
      thanks for sharing
      I need a front bumper and valance for my 65 impala ss

    5. Aki Ami Masen says:

      This Vid is Sad as Hell:-(
      All Cars are so much beautiful & why there must be always salvage yard? 
      Why not some places like parking lane, parade or museum.
      Such a waste of car beauties:-( 
      But At least thanks for sharing

    6. Clayton Garrett says:

      I'll take the 70 Dart at 8:05

    7. liam dunleavy (YouNoob) says:

      a great idea would be for someone to make a dealership filled with beauties like these

    8. Steve Kolvek says:

      Don:  Great vid.  Ever since I was a little kid (I just turned 60) I've always had this strange fascination with junk cars.  I'd love to be able to walk around a junk yard like you just did.  I always thought that Corvair pick-up truck was real cool — way cooler than the van.  I share your opinion about that (about '69 or '70) Ford XL convertible.  Thanks for letting me stop in and sound off.

    9. Maria Leticia Rios says:

      Poor babies..

    10. cj wylie says:

      I just hate to see old cars like that just sit there

    11. darbytat2 says:

      thanks for sharing

    12. planetcheck says:

      All these cars were once in MINT condition right out of the dealer showroom.

    13. CreeperFeature says:

      I wish I could go there

    14. willie Campbell says:

      Hey Is this place still open and will the owner sale you a whole car or truck ?

    15. Nick “Nickmad51” Mad says:

      nice find      nick pgh pa

    16. Cns Cars Company says:

      impala 64 should be good :)

    17. bryonavery says:

      Hey guys! Where is this place and can I go there?!

    18. julio sandoval says:

      That 4 door it's not a 60 or no 62 impala it's a 1961 impala that's the only model that has the quarter moulding comming down.

    19. Stephen Williams says:

      I enjoyed that little look round, wondering what stories each car could tell, once every one was someones pride and joy! I love the Corvair pick up, never seen one before. Great vid.