🔥 Glide Fit SUP Fitness Board For Sale ~ Awesome Deal 💖

Glide Fit Fitness Board

GlideFit SUP exercise board for sale. These boards are made by GLIDE and are made for exercising on the water. You can do Yoga and other fitness exercises.

Although they are made for exercising on the water like in a swimming pool, I guess they could be used as a great paddleboard on the lake. It has a wider surface and that would make it a lot more stable.

The website that sells these boards has them listed for $699.00 each. I have 3 available in the Lake Havasu City area for pickup at $250 each, brand new, never used.

Blowing them out at less than half the price of the original price. If you live in the Lake Havasu area and want to buy one while they last, then contact me.

You can send me a message through Facebook at my page facebook.com/tonyquintelacom.

Or on Twitter or Instagram @tonyquintela.

You can view some videos on YouTube with people using this board. They look like lots of fun and a great way to enjoy the summer near the water.

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