Grace VanderWaal Funny Moments (AGT 2016 Winner)

Grace VanderWaal Funny Moments (AGT 2016 Winner)

Grace Van Der Waal Funny and cute moments…
America’s Got Talent Grace VanderWaal


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    17 Responses to Grace VanderWaal Funny Moments (AGT 2016 Winner)

    1. Nestor123057 says:

      She is too much.  Absolutely a walking miracle.

    2. Gzr Gldr says:

      She has a magical personality. She is wise beyond her very few years, but still knows how to play. This is only a few of the things that she has done that crack me up.

    3. braddah shano says:

      Come join us! 🙂
      Grace VanderWaal (Unofficial) Fan Club

    4. Esther S says:

      lol I love your Stitch pants Grace!

    5. Marc Gingras says:

      i just hope she not will be like justin bieber, money is a good thing but that can dchange all personality after !

      look miley cirus and other one

      i just hope she still humble and enjoy her 12 years old like a real children

    6. UniPenguin B says:

      yay!! Taylor knows her!!!

    7. calicobaby125 says:

      We need more real people like her!!!! Life is short…enjoy it!!

    8. Juke Turbo says:

      She is absolutely hilarious

    9. tomaf says:

      what was she sreaming at end about j-lo?

    10. tomaf says:

      she's smoking at the beginning?

    11. Sharon Smyth says:

      I laughed SO hard, it reminded me of my daughter

    12. king of the world says:

      She's so absolutely adorable. I hope her parents protect her from all the fame and keep her grounded.

    13. Patricia O'connor says:

      She is still cute

    14. jade is pancake says:

      lol wait wait wait.. who sent her the flowers??

    15. Xavier Quiñones de León says:

      you re not a FREAK Grace…act well

    16. AYSO Trumbull Soccer Videos says:

      She is absolutely a stitch – and adorable.

    17. Jeff H says:

      i have probably been in the room below her when she was doing the Zumba thing. Boom, bam, bam boom. Oh it's Grace.