HDBroadcaster From YouTube Update

HDBroadcaster Update

http://www.Youtube.com/Red 30 days free

HdBroadcaster Channel 1 – https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulSzottDMD/videos

Facebook – http://www.Facebook.com/HdBroadcaster

HdBroadcaster VLOGS – https://www.youtube.com/user/HDPaulSzott/videos

HdBroadcaster Channel 2 – https://www.youtube.com/user/HDBroadcasterDOTnet/videos

Mila Szott http://www.Youtube.com/user/MilaSzott/Videos HdBroadcaster

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    25 Responses to HDBroadcaster From YouTube Update

    1. J Mch says:

      hello world lol hi Paul …☆☆

    2. dan ga says:

      Missed you Titty!!!

    3. John McKnight says:

      if you plant a Seed you get a Tree,if you plant a Tree you should get a Forest ! try planting some 2×4's see if they grow back? in your work if you do a single tooth Implant is it a Denture or will all your teeth grow back? Think about this, Thank's for the Vlogs

    4. Mike Thibault says:

      Hey Paul cut the stupid trees down and make toothpick with them lol

    5. FLASHTV says:

      It will grow back. I have one I've cut down once a year and it keeps growing back.

    6. littleaub says:

      If you cut a tree off at the bottom, it will not grow back, if you cut off one of your arm, do you think it will grow back? o m g, you have special trees there.

    7. Brian Marge says:

      Don't get rid of the gold cart….it's unique. Just get some sweet customized upgrades on it!!

    8. Holleran Properties says:

      As to washing your truck, put the wife in a string bikini and film it for us. Just saying, a treat for the subs! WW

    9. Prost!Stuttgart says:

      Hey Paul are you heading to Daytona Bike Week?

    10. David Hutchings says:

      Hey Paul, Mila should start selling empty lots to build homes on, the business could be called Szotts Lots or Szotts Plots.   LOL

    11. Skip Rope says:

      Depends on the tree. If you have spider roots…YES it will.

    12. AwesomeDocumentary says:

      you got a discount for being HD!

    13. Art Down says:

      welcome back

    14. Bobby Harper says:

      Yes Paul, it sure is good to see Mila again.

    15. Djoxon says:

      Happy holidays from Serbia !!!

    16. Channelingus Llcix says:

      Yes, we need Mila back (and you too)

    17. D Santos TV says:

      Happy holidays from Brooklyn , N.Y.

    18. Ron Buskirk says:

      Well glad to hear to did not fall off the end of the earth, was wonder what happen to ya. Think you need a new phone, to have a battery put in the iphone is expensive

    19. Юрий Боровской says:

      клёво !

    20. piney power says:

      happy new year merry xmas to u both

    21. Phil Mac Donald says:

      nice of you lookin out for poor guy.happy newyear

    22. 5280sparky says:

      Happy New Year  🙂

    23. Gerard van Essen says:

      Happy New Year! Wow, you have bad luck, with both your phone and computer playing up. Then again, your phone looked like it had been through some tough times already! 🙂

    24. Paul B says:

      Happy New Year to you all !

    25. M F says:

      Have you tried a mains charger for your 'phone? I don't find USB charging works very well.