Heated Debate : Piers Morgan Debates Alex Jones on Gun Laws and 2nd Amendment and Deportation p1

Heated Debate : Piers Morgan Debates Alex Jones on Gun Laws and 2nd Amendment
Alex Jones Piers Morgan 1776 Will Commence Again' If Guns Taken Away
Alex Jones Piers Morgan 1776 Will Commence Again' If Guns Taken Away
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Alex Jones to debate Piers Morgan on CNN live, spars with TSA (Video)
After Piers Morgan, an advocate for gun control, told gun lobbyist Larry Pratt on TV that he was an “unbelievably stupid man,” thousands flocked to the Internet to sign a petition to have Morgan deported.
Thousands Sign Petition to Have Piers Morgan Deported Thousands Sign Petition to Have Piers Morgan Deported
Alex Jones, a conservative radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist, has headed to New York to debate CNN host Piers Morgan. On his way, though, he got into a fight with TSA for refusing to take off his shoes.

Jones announced the debate Sunday on his radio show. The debate is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 7 at 9 p.m. EST. The popular radio talk show host claimed that the network wanted to do a via satellite interview, but Jones said he wanted to look at everyone face-to-face.

“I thought, you know what, I want to look that guy in the eyes. So we'll see if they'll chicken out,” explained Jones. “Boy, they swore to me they won't. I've had CNN chicken out before via satellite interviews, but I'll get really upset they do. That political rumble in the jungle is set for tomorrow night.”
Alex Jones
Alex Jones
As Jones traveled to New York, he got into a spat with TSA officials, who wanted Jones to take his shoes off. The Jones-led InfoWars.com claims that he saw other people not having to take their shoes off and the security officers discriminated him because he is an ardent critic of the administration.

The account then later described Jones agreeing to take his shoes off and pass through the metal detector. The beep was sounded and the agents were then accused of laughing at Jones, who alleged that they purposely set the screeners off “possibly by order of the officer, so that they could harass Jones further.”

“The officer continued to detain Jones as he talked to other cops. Despite the officer seemingly wanting to take further action, TSA management, presumably aware of the potential scandal that could ensue, said they were happy to let Jones go on his way,” wrote InfoWars.com reporter Paul Joseph Watson. “Jones is now considering a civil rights lawsuit against the TSA for discrimination. As we have previously documented, journalists who are critical of the TSA are routinely targeted for harassment.”

It was reported last month that InfoWars.com started a petition to deport Morgan. Infowars.com writer Kurt Nimmo launched the petition on the White House website in order to deport Morgan because he was accused of being an enemy of the United States constitution and Bill of Rights.

The petition garnered a total of 104,127 signatures (at the time of this writing) and clearly exceeded the 25,000 threshold to generate a response from the White House.
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