History’s Mysteries – The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted

Narrated by David Ackroyd

First Aired: April 25, 2000

The FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives is a most wanted list maintained by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Individuals are generally only removed from the list if the fugitive is captured, dies, or if the charges against them are dropped; they are then replaced by a new entry selected by the FBI.

On rare occasions, the FBI will add a “Number Eleven” if that individual is extremely dangerous but the Bureau does not feel any of the current ten should be removed.

Despite occasional references in the media, the FBI does not rank their list; no suspect is considered “#1 on the FBI’s Most Wanted List” or “The Most Wanted.”

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    20 Responses to History’s Mysteries – The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted

    1. John long says:

      This show is old old old

    2. brendon albrecht says:

      Very interesting to see Bin Laden pre 9/11

    3. Steppin Razor says:

      So what Marcus Garvey did to be on that list?

    4. Steppin Razor says:

      J Edgar Hoover is a wicked

    5. kavanagh994 says:

      Where are the pineapples pens

    6. Tippersnore says:

      Old Sparky got that smug murderous prick Bundy in the end.

    7. NYRM1974 says:

      It is recommended that schulster should be recommended for the United States medal of freedom for gallantry and for putting his life on the line as a law-abiding American to put away criminals. I call on all Americans to nominate him for such a award let his family receive it in his honor

    8. David Crouch says:

      Wtf with that woman's eyes & face?????????

    9. Be T says:

      A Morgan Fairchild fan?

    10. Carlos Velez says:

      What a basterd that sales man that ratted out Sutton. That shuster murder has to be one of the best murders of the 20th century.

    11. mothernature251 says:

      Karl Armstrong runs a Jamba juice stand here in Madison.

    12. Victor Victor says:

      When Will John Walsh’s Mug be on the Most Wanted List?

    13. Science 2020 says:

      Was this made before or after 9/11? 37:10

    14. Denise Rich says:

      That's some bullshit I see some of those guys walking around freely so stop using actor's

    15. alicecapone says:

      It is impossible not to cross the line when someone is doing illegal biz.
      Everytime, any programs talk about Al Capone, I feel sorry for him and his family whom punished by systematically gov distraction for American public to concetrate on Capone's criminal and illegal activities and cant be bothered to by whats happening on the other side

    16. Richard Kranium says:

      I want to be featured on the top ten wanted list but nobody wants me except my girlfriend.

    17. P. A. Andrews says:

      I'm sure they would never have room to talk after having the coup of 1963 that has destroyed most people in this country!

    18. Samson David says:

      And where is hitlery, trumptard and the gang

    19. Idiot Savant says:

      Robert Fisher, Glen Godwin, Bishop, and Jason Derek Brown have been on the top 10 list for well over a decade and they have never been captured. The notion of a “94% capture rate” is incorrect…The actual number is more like 50-60%. I believe Fisher, Bishop and Godwin are long dead. Brown MUST be caught.

    20. Peter David Documentaries says:

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