How Long Does The Corona Virus Survive On A Surface?

How Long Can The Corona Virus Survive On Different Surfaces

This is very interesting information that everyone should be aware of. In particular how long can the Corona virus survive in the air and cardboard surfaces? After all, we get packages all the time, so that's very important to know. Also, if you walk into a building and somebody with the virus had sneeze?

That's one of the reasons that you should avoid going out into public places and you should only go out when absolutely necessary. Every time we go into a public building we exposed ourselves to contracting the Corona virus. So, minimize your chances by staying home as much as possible.

This is information not put out there to scare or panic people but to inform you about things you should know to protect yourself and others.

Watch the video below and follow me on Twitter @tonyquintela for more videos that will inform you on how to prevent catching or spreading this virus.

God bless you all… stay safe… stay home.

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