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This tutorial will show you how to crack a combination safe. Whether you are in a hotel, lost your key to your home safe or otherwise, follow these steps.

Source: How To Crack A Combination Safe 

There’s a number of reasons why you would want to crack a safe. I used to buy storage units and many times found safes that I did not have a combination for it. One time I got a safe and couldn’t open it. I know there were things in it, but I was just beginning and didn’t know that I could hire a locksmith that open safes for a fee or that sometimes you can’t write the safe manufacturer and follow their instructions on how to get the combination to the safe. Your reason for wanting to crack a safe might different than mine, but either way click the source link to learn how to do this.

Here’s a great book on Amazon that covers complete safe cracking instructions –> Safecracking For Everyone

safecracking for everyone

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