How To Crack A Combination Safe | Picker Of Locks

This tutorial will show you how to crack a combination safe. Whether you are in a hotel, lost your key to your home safe or otherwise, follow these steps.

Source: How To Crack A Combination Safe 

There’s a number of reasons why you would want to crack a safe. I used to buy storage units and many times found safes that I did not have a combination for it. One time I got a safe and couldn’t open it. I know there were things in it, but I was just beginning and didn’t know that I could hire a locksmith that open safes for a fee or that sometimes you can’t write the safe manufacturer and follow their instructions on how to get the combination to the safe. Your reason for wanting to crack a safe might different than mine, but either way click the source link to learn how to do this.

Here are some great books on Amazon that cover complete safe cracking instructions…

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