How to Make A YouTube Video

I made this video as part of my final project for my Multi-Platform Storytelling class at University.

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    19 Responses to How to Make A YouTube Video

    1. Alicia Videla says:

      Thx u

    2. Carson Todd says:

      I don't know why he think people will Buy 90 $lights

    3. RedFlare45000 says:

      I'm just wondering how do you make one of those animations if you use a camera?…

    4. Manju Rangra says:


    5. Carmen Alicea says:

      Davion and Darrion and king

    6. Will Wiggins says:


    7. tekerzz says:

      i giving away somthing

    8. lil Gev says:

      Can u help me mack my video

    9. Orangehealer says:

      I used you and the first 5 days I got 6 subscribers

    10. Ice Fury says:


    11. Michael Bryant says:

      Yep 2019

    12. Plogang says:

      pepe popo

    13. Golam Mustafa says:

      I liked your video. Who is gonna watch a 40 minute long unprepared talk? its 2019 man.. who has time? What good it the video, if we cant watch it? or do you make video for workless lazy people, who has nothing to do…

    14. Srikar D. Govindarajula says:

      Only Tekking101 video without cringe

    15. Jacob Clair says:


    16. Gamers Kids says:

      I really want to make a YouTube channel and video

    17. 00000000000000000000 00000000000000000000 says:

      thanks a lot not

    18. mike06ification says:

      great vid but i can't help myself i have to say that 'software' is a mass/uncountable noun. can't say softwares. i feel so much better. 🙂 seriously was great vid helped me a lot. 🙂

    19. Dragondoge Reviews says:

      what about videos without face cam?