Kawasaki SX-R 1500cc 150hp Test Ride

sorry for the lack of footage and that we are so shitty jetski riders xD
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I know this video is not about cars, but I wanted to show you a great and fast machine! This is the most powerful Jet Ski created by Kawasaki : 310hp!!! This is the 2017 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX! How about having fun in the summer by riding a watercraft! Raise the volume of the Jetsound audio system or simply enjoy the sound of that 1.5l, supercharged turbo engine at 8000rpm inspired by the legendary Ninja ZX-14R motorcycle! How about a ride?

Vehicle Highlights
– 310lx Supercharged and Intercooled 1498cc In-line Four
Electronic Throttle Valves Efficiently Manage the Engine’s Massive Power Output
– Large Capacity Fully Sealed, 212-litre Storage
– Lightweight Race-derived Hull Provides
– Class-leading Stability
– Smart Steering & Smart Learning Operation (Slo) Assists New Riders
– 5-way Adjustable Handle
Electronic Cruise Control for Comfortable Riding
– A One-touch 8 Km/h Mode Regulates Engine Speed to 8 Km/h (5 Mph) in ‘no-wake’ Zones

Competition :
Yamaha GP1800 WaveRunners | BRP SeaDOO RXT-X 300

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    29 Responses to Kawasaki SX-R 1500cc 150hp Test Ride

    1. RAT DROPPINGS says:

      Can you review the new 2018 Tiguan. I love your take and I'm about two months from a new purchase. Can't decide between it and a 2018 CX5

    2. Mamo says:

      Btw, it goes 67 mph and costs USD18k.

    3. Lucky Goose says:

      Eh chris de tabarnack. I like very much eh. Colice, I will get one for my self.

    4. Given Moyo says:

      I would love to set up a jet ski enterprise, what procedures am i supposed to follow?

    5. Marky Mark says:

      Why is Kawasaki more expensive than sea doo and yamaha??? I don't see them yet on the level of sea doo and Yamaha with jet ski..

    6. Kyler Smith says:

      i have this jet ski and if hit 89

    7. bobert866 says:

      Kawasaki hasn't really changed their design since first producing watercrafts? Sounds like they're behind. You CAN'T slack off like that without failing in the segment.

    8. Gabe C says:

      I can’t get over the Québécois accent!! Estie

    9. zanmirrob says:

      It would have been nice to hear it in action instead of non stop talk!

    10. Smooky Supreme says:

      I WANT that jet ski for this summer!!!

    11. Ray Cosby says:

      Just picked mine up, it’s awesome!

    12. Jifflez609 says:

      Lmao this video is the only one that does a stand up jet ski justice. I used to ride one of these things and they are a blast! But definitely more wild than just a regular jet ski!

    13. --cLAsic-- says:

      It is fast, but its the size of a small bass boat. Fuck it is really fast ……

    14. Giovanni Boutin says:

      I’m 12 and I rode my first jetski today it was one of those

    15. A Good Person says:

      You poor bastards… well at least you got a mean machine to roost the lake with! Cant wait to see the next one.

    16. Travis Scott says:

      do you need a license for this also what ever its called the racing one like the yamaha superjet stand up ?

    17. Rt Harmon says:

      It's way too big

    18. Andrew John Burks says:

      GoPro gone, Iphone destroyed. Dude almost died and probably got the wind knocked out of him. "This test drive went pretty well then."

    19. Ryandean1 says:

      That thing is scary

    20. Mike Combs says:

      It looks fast and smooth but damn is it a heavy pig. It reminds me of my Kawasaki KZ1300. That kind of defeats the purpose of a stand-up. I'd buy the Superjet even though it hasn't changed in 22 years.

    21. 96Duelfuel says:

      This is awesome. Where are you? Great lake

    22. Nicholstop : says:

      If you get your phone wet put grab a kilo of cocain and put it in a zipblock and leave your phone in it over night.

    23. Josepg17 says:

      This jet ski sucks ass it’s like standing on a sit down seadoo it’s so heavy and you can’t do any tricks superjet is soooo much better

    24. Rocket Reed says:

      Lol. So funny. I've been there with a Go Pro, Maui sunglasses, and a Mavic drone at the lake. (Sad for weeks)

    25. Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr. says:

      I rented one in Kemah, TX from Kemah Jet Ski and it's too scary fast to be standing up like that. Its like going to the gym for 20 hours nonstop and no muscle recovery supplements the next day.

    26. Tea Mistro says:

      No break in?

    27. Thomas Hauglie says:

      Best Review I have seen for years. Phone, Gopro and almost a neck.

    28. Red Porter says:

      Sxr are so fast…..

    29. MrDjh66 says:

      Holy shit the acceleration looks insane