Kayaking Tips and Skills

Kayaking Tips and Skills Videos

Kayaking its lots of fun and a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise. You’re always on an adventure when you go kayaking. There are many types of kayaks depending on what you’re planning on doing.

Some kayaks are for white water kayaking, some are for fishing, some are built for speed and some are for a single person or tandem kayaks built for 2. The list is long on the many types and price ranges for kayaks.

I bought a tandem kayak by Pelican for $75 in good condition on the Facebook marketplace. I put another $150.00 to put new seats and added waterproof compartments, new Bungie cords, paddle holders, etc. Then I bought me a trailer that was previously used for jet skis and added new tires and a spare tire. Paid $300 for that. So I’m into the whole thing for $525. My wife and I can now go kayaking anytime we want. We’ve been out a couple of times so far and love it. This year we plan on doing lots more kayaking than last year.

So watch the videos, learn about them unless you already know what you need to know about them and go out and have some great adventures and get some good exercise while you’re at it. Enjoy…

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