Knife Making – Forging Scalpel Style Knife

Forging small scalpel style knife out from piece of scrap carbon steel, lefted from my previous knife project and brass handle scales. There I try to show all steps involved in this video.

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Decided to re-visit the skeleton knife I made a while back but give it a bit of Brute de forge style and rather than have the cutout I went with a hollow frame.
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Video Rating: / 5

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    36 Responses to Knife Making – Forging Scalpel Style Knife

    1. gravity_the_dfyr gaming says:

      You are perfectly balanced, as any human should be

    2. Ghost Gamer212 says:

      How much do you want for this knife because I’m willing to pay

    3. Nicolas Antonio says:

      why do you tap the anvil in the middle of hitting the soon to be knife ??? i always see people who forge do that

    4. giorgi jrv says:

      No pues hay te van hayar carnal

    5. Orlando Diaz says:

      I could not take this video seriously if I tried

    6. Ironmade Redneck says:

      Bro I subscribed love your work and personality

    7. Jonathan Lesinski says:

      he sooo funny

    8. YP Racing says:


    9. guilherme camargo codarin says:

      Leve demais vai quebrar em uma pancada

    10. Kevin R.C says:

      Oe mongol pareses mongol oe baboso

    11. Андрей Таранухин says:

      Нож не понятно для чего, но интересный, возможно повторю! Молодец!!!

    12. mercifulxservant - says:

      Its look like a sword in swordburst

    13. Lil Cocainesnorter says:

      Hey diesineveryvideo i would become a patreon but my mom doesnt let me become one

    14. Владимир Гриб says:

      я русский

    15. Matthew Dacøsta says:

      That was a sweet black oxide coat lol

    16. DiesInEveryFilm Customs says:

      If you like what i do please go check out my Instagram page and give me a follow
      I have other pages link in description don’t forget to check them out.
      If you want to support my channel I also have Patreon

    17. Linus Sch says:

      Could you please explain why you put it in the oven at one point?

    18. Lebron James says:

      All u need is music dude

    19. Рома Гюльмамедов says:

      Я такой на Али за 1$ видел

    20. Yani Bussens says:

      Absolutely amazing! 🙂

    21. Cipta Rizky says:

      Indo like
      Yg indo mna nih??

    22. Cipry Cipry says:


    23. Skeleton king says:

      Looks like Hyperion with the art style

    24. Nitronic Atom says:

      Cool. I want one

    25. Adrian Eyre says:


    26. Reviews by Rob says:

      Love it!!

    27. Arashi Mokuzai says:

      Lets not play doctor, Thanks.

    28. Sasa Jugovic says:

      Very nice…LOVEEE IT ! ! !

    29. Андрей Пукин says:

      Красава чувак , так держать )))

    30. Red Dragon I know its obvious says:

      This ain’t no scalpel it doesn’t even have switchable blades

    31. Wade Mercer says:

      Whats that liquid that makes the steel black?

    32. Alex Martin says:

      That's sick

    33. Sara Morton says:

      Looks elegant, but can be deadly if need be…. I like it, it looks super cool! Keep up the awesome work!

    34. Panji Somantri says:

      invisible glove

    35. Jody Gibbs says:

      Are you self taught or did you learn at a school? Either way, super cool and impressive!

    36. Adarsh Shetty says:

      Bro plz tell me what you applied at last stage to colour the knife black …..plz tell me .