Lake Havasu Desert Storm 2011

One of the largest Power Boat gatherings of the year! Michelle & I joined Brett & Sheila Baur with their Nor-Tec 36″ Super Cat. We cruised at speeds over 100 MPH. His boat sports twin 1075 HP Supercharged Mercs!

Thousands of people were spectators of the tens of million $ worth of boats at this Poker Run event!
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    20 Responses to Lake Havasu Desert Storm 2011

    1. Dalton s says:

      3:05 lol

    2. raykaake says:

      Dumb blonds with Fake titties!! Hahahah

    3. Дмитрий Костенко says:

      what would I lived so!

    4. Inforheinmain Inforheinmain says:

      Smile… Spring is around !

    5. Speedermanoy OY says:

      i will come from finland some summer to meet there

    6. Speedermanoy OY says:

      maybe i buy boat from usa and come with that and transport that after to finland

    7. jesse weed says:

      those ladies love money

    8. brianstacync says:

      its expensive to fuel a giant ego

    9. enginemodify says:

      beautiful girls and fat rich dudes . .. 

    10. knightrider1545 says:

      So whats the top of that Super Cat boat @what rpm.

    11. jeff mays says:


    12. Anton Spilhaus says:

      Barbie and Ken and friends.Dont know if there is more silicon on the boats or the tits….!  Yawn…..

    13. Jack Gilbert says:

      so nice to be able to display one's wealth, I am so happy for them

    14. Wayne Henderson says:

      I just love silicon!

    15. Antonio Igartua says:

      i like it 

    16. Skakum5 says:

      Where do people get that much money?

    17. chopperharly says:

      Very nice you lucky people

    18. fleiva30 says:

      nice vid

    19. jack lynch says:

      I so want this guys life