Learning to Whitewater Kayak with ThePlanetD

Learning to Whitewater Kayak with ThePlanetD

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Summer is an amazing time to get outside and try a great adventure. We learn to whitewater kayak in Ontario Canada. From complete beginners to kayaking class 2 and 3 rapids within a week. See what its like! It's not as scary as you think! With the proper training you can learn how. At the Madawaska Kanu Centre in Ontario Canada, they've been teaching White Water Kayaking and Canoeing since 1972. It was the first school in all of Canada. The best of the best teach here. Find out how these two travel bloggers did during their 5 day whitewater kayaking course. #DiscoverOn
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Learning to Whitewater Kayaking Transcript

Taking the 5 day whitewater kayaking course here a Madawaska Kanu Centre, will surprise you. You can no nothing at all about whitewater kayaking and by the end of the week, you will be ready to run rapids. I know it sounds unbelievable, if you asked me a week ago if would be running rapids, and doing rolls, and doing all of these turns, in this whitewater?
I always was like, no way, I”m not going to do that, I'll probably chicken out of half of the things…
But I love the way they teach the course. They do everything in a progression.
you start off just trying to get comfortable in the kayak.
You start, doing these strokes in calm water.
And then you start doing all of these exercises where you are practicing the low brace, you're practicing the high brace, you're practicing kayaking on your side.
And then eventually you are going to start working on T-rescues and wet exits and this was something I was really afraid of, going upside down in the water.
But after you do it a bunch of times, by the time you are ready to go and do that wet exit in moving water, you're feeling really calm and you're ready to wait for someone to come and get you.
And hey, soon enough you'll be able to do that roll.
Dave and I were completely surprised that by 3 days in, we both had a pretty solid roll.
I did the roll, I did the roll Woo!
Something I really loved is just in front of the centre, is they have all of these gates with huge water right there. And I was thinking, there's no way we're going to run that, that's just for experts right?
And then here we are 4 days in, they're going “Okay we're going to run the gates. We're going to run the rapids”
I never thought that I would be a person who could even, you know, think of floating through whitewater, let alone kayaking through it and trying to find my line, and staying upright and being ok if I do tip over.
I'm so stupid!
So by the end of your 5 day whitewater kayaking course with Madawaska Kanu Centre, you are going to be able to take those skills that you've learned and go out and feel confident to run your own, whitewater run.
Made it! Yeah.
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