Lets Survive Modded Fallout: NV Part 3

What if Tim made his way to the Mojave? Can he survive the desert?

Mods as they are listed in mod manager, I won't be linking, just search for them.

Project Nevada : Changes gameplay of the game and increases the survival aspect
EVE : Changes textures and upgrades all energy based weapons, perfect with PN
Weapon Mods Expanded : Adds mods to every weapon in the game.
Weapon Mod Menu : Allows the removal of mods from all weapons in game.
NMC's Texture pack : Makes my game look pretty
Electro City : Adds street lights and extra barrel fires all around.
Underground Hideout : BEST. HOUSE. EVER.
One HUD : Changes the HUD…duh
Leather Backpack : Lets me carry more
Nevada Skies : Weather and Lighting
Increased Wasteland Spawns: Adds tons of things to kill.
Enhanced Shaders ENB : It's an ENB
ADAM: Hirez NCR Armor
Better Casinos
Breathing Mask Alteration: Can wear it now with most helmets and glasses
Bullet Crafting Drops: Make the Ingredients show up in loot
Classic Fallout Weapons: adds tons of old school weapons
DLC Weapons in the Mojave: Makes non-unique Weapons and armor show up outside of the DLCs
Fallout Character Overhaul: makes people not look like ass
Fallout Crafting Improved: changes recipes and adds tons more
Flashlight: adds a flashlight, not a fleshlight
HUD like Fallout 4: changes the look of hud elements to resemble that of Fallout 4s
Increased Weapon Jamming: Makes gun jams more common for you and the AI.
Interior Lighting Overhaul: Improves indoor lighting
JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating: Guns can over heat and break from it..
Killable children: Do I need to explain this?
Killing Karma Rewards Removed: Killing ghouls, fiends, and raiders no longer give you good karma.
Light up and smoke: smoke tobacco for buffs
Manuel reload: Guns no longer reload themselves.
Mobile Truck Base: Adds a “Driveable” Truck player home
More Caravan Players: This
More Perks: This
Enhanced Camera: I have feet?
Stutter Remover: makes the game smooth
New Vegas Uncut: Adds in tons of cut content like no gates for freeside.
Populated Casinos: Casinos are full of patrons.
Primm Reputation Restored: Primm can now properly like or hate you now
Project Ultimatum: Can now win a fight without having to kill.
Run the Lucky 38: This
Realistic Weapons Damages: Guns hurt
Stun and Tie-up NPCs: Can rob NPCs without killing.
That Gun Sounds: Changes the sound of the gun to that of Blade Runner.
The Strip Open: Gets rid of the Gates in the Strip
Treasures of the Wastes: adds gold and gems to loot lists.
Weapon Mods Vendor: and a Vending Machine that sells every Weapon mod at huge mark ups.
Weapons of the New Millenia: Adds tons of weapons made by millenia.

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