Life changing moments metal detecting beach nuggets rings tips

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Ten of my favourite Gold find clips. Gold is eveywhere Follow the groups facebook page Goldfinders Metal detecting

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    19 Responses to Life changing moments metal detecting beach nuggets rings tips

    1. Peggy Stamps says:

      Music too loud. Can't hear you.

    2. Cdog Reviews says:

      He probably just bought all those then said they just found them

    3. Emmy 11 says:

      Why does the medal detector sound like someone making noises XD

    4. John Hall says:

      My Radio Shack Discriminator Metal Detector works great and I've been using it for more than 15 years!!! Great performance and value!!

    5. Eileen Dewell says:

      l dig this

    6. Sara Lee says:

      Want a girlfriend ,lol.-cool!!

    7. Pat Stokes says:

      At the end he yells "hand made" All gold jewelry is hand made.

    8. Flora Zaydenberg says:

      I'd like to buy that red stone ring:)))

    9. Anita Sanford says:

      If that Ruby is nature made then it's worth nearly 700,000.

    10. Dilip Yakkha says:

      if i become citizen of USA i will get metal detector and start treasure hunting all over USA.
      namaste from nepal where lord buddha was born.

    11. Peter Ward says:

      Great video what detector do you use. I use the bounty hunter tracker 4 but am looking for a decent beach hunting one

    12. kissarmy110936 says:

      wow so fake and planted shit to get veiws

    13. ROYAL HUMOUR says:

      Puse at 8.11 there's another ring in the sand face up he totally misses it

    14. Thomas Falconer says:

      OG Thanos

    15. MrRideutah says:

      Unfortunately all those are mine and I will need them back asap or the Melbourne police will be confiscating the metal detector

    16. Eric Williams says:

      Most of his rings are planted.get real man.

    17. Papoypapoy Poypapoypa says:

      right know Philippines didn't mining golds they mining people,..the worse thing if the mother nature do the same on what we do to for

    18. Paula Udell says:

      A pirates ring?

    19. MrDuffy81 says:

      WOW.  I have to get a detector!