London Bridge…Lake Havasu Arizona

London Bridge…Lake Havasu Arizona. Ride along as I travel north thu Lake Havasu Arizona. Check out the London Bridge, Boat Rentals, Boat Tours and more. Full-Time RV Living In a Class A Motorhome. Come along on my travels exploring the RV Lifestyle and Living an RV Life.

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    16 Responses to London Bridge…Lake Havasu Arizona

    1. ZeebNinja says:

      Great video. My wife and I took our Honda Goldwing there back in 2008. We enjoyed ourselves at that park with all the shops right at the bridge. I am hoping we go there again in our RV next time we are in Quartzsite. Thanks for the memories 🙂

    2. Keep America & Yisrael Great says:

      Non of the other RVer's have ever taken the time to stop and see the London Bridge before That I know of, THANK YOU!!! Like your Videos Great Job…

    3. Darrel says:

      Thanks Russ. I've never taken the time for that walk. Thanks again.

    4. Lynda Phillips says:

      Love Havasu. One of my favorite places.

    5. Gary Winn says:

      Thanks for the side trip Russ, nice and relaxing!

    6. Pedro ElGordo says:

      Howdy Russ, how ya doin'? Another beautiful day in Az. Havasu looks amazing and the bridge seems to fit right in. With all that water around i'd need to hire a boat and go for a cruise. And you can't have a cuppa tea without a scone, or two. Stay safe Russ and keep up the good work.

    7. John Hines says:

      Hey Russ,
      Was there 2 years ago. Stayed at state park just outside town. Nice park.
      Any other places to camp around lake ?? BLM ?? Would be cool to spend more time there. Any camping close to the lake ? Didn't have the time to take a day & really explore the rest of the lake…

    8. Mary @H2OsEdge says:

      That kayak is a HOBIE BEING USED AS A PLANTER! Oh, no, it must gave suffered a TERRIBLE accident… or are they now obsolete due to the MirageDrive? I pedal my Hobie and I am drooling over that lake right now–pedaled around that canal several times and it is a great little cruise. But that patio boat would be fun for a base to camp out on… Thank you, Thank you!

    9. Lady Lucy says:

      I grew up in a town in Wisconsin that had those same railings on all of their town bridges. Thanks for crossing the London Bridge. Another question answered as to why that design in my home town.

    10. Bulldog Bill says:

      Well the old London Bridge looks much cleaner than when I used to walk over it in London in the mid-50's, nice to see it so well preserved. It was dark grey with lots of coal soot stains in the 50's as we still burned Coal in homes in all of London and there were also at least 4 Coal Power stations along the Thames in central London. I'm going to talk a wall over it next year when I come over for a long vacation.

    11. Joe Z says:

      I was just at the London bridge about a month ago and didn't know about the shops underneath….thanks
      What the name of that banjo song you play at the end…… I really like it

    12. Bill Sykes Sr says:

      Hi, enjoy your videos, I have a photo of me when I was 18 years old standing on one end of that bridge when it was in London… drove on it just a few months ago….

    13. DJ Moss ssomjd says:

      Imagine if the situation were reversed. An American bridge was to be brought to the UK. It'd be at least $10 to cross that bridge and $6 to park up. Ain't nothin' free in the UK. They'd tax the air if they could! And yep, I'm a Brit in the UK!!

    14. Emily Perez says:

      I live in Arizona

    15. maria cornwallis says:

      The lamp posts on the bridge are the original ones from 1831 and made from cannons which were captured from Napoleon's army at Waterloo in 1815

    16. David murling says:

      I was actually sipping a cup of tea when you drove over the London Bridge.