Mad Dash Bomb

Mad Dash Bomb

Mad Dash Bomb

  • The ultimate skill-based customizable runner! With over 10,000 unique gear and skill combinations, discover your ultimate insane combo.
  • Inspired by the off-beat style of classic spaghetti westerns, journey into the mad (and colorful) world of Pazzo.
  • Pazzo is a not-so-notorious bandit that has been left eating dust as the other members of the Nine Spades gang have taken off with his share of the loot. Now he must chase them down as they continue their backstabbing ways. Pazzo has one advantage though he is completely insane giving him awesome powers to beat the looming challenges and catch those dastardly bandits.
  • Give Pazzo an extra edge by equipping him with gear from the huge range available, each with their own unique benefits:
  • Hats (colorful millinery items with awesome benefits, but watch out that they dont fall off),
  • Charms (mystical items that give Pazzo the edge that he needs),
  • Parchments (super powerful items that give you awesome benefits for a single run).
  • Encounter nefarious hazards that each require a unique tactic to overcome: wild coyotes, deranged vultures, angry bulls, thunderous boulders, diabolical cacti and heaps more.
  • Level up Pazzo by making it through the mayhem of his madness modes, allowing you to unlock Perks that will give you an edge to survive the canyon longer and catch more of those underhanded bandits.
  • Editors Notes:A fresh endless runner with some twists here and there.The way the equipments dramatically change how you play the game is an added bonus.Overal,it is a decent endless runner.

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