Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S01E01

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    20 Responses to Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S01E01

    1. Joel Santiago says:

      he rock

    2. Joel Santiago says:

      I mean he rocks

    3. LilRyan732 says:

      can confirm!  i was scared of this show when i was like 7.  Lol  this aired on ABC (or maybe NBC.. can't remember) during a huge thunderstorm and i was scared of both the thunderstorm and the masked man.  through my sobs i offhandedly blurted out one of his reveals: "he's probably using a projector!" and it turned out to be right and my mom and older brother were both shocked

    4. MultiGolfWang says:

      At 15:36 I know it she claims under the chair yes

    5. MultiGolfWang says:

      At 22:52 I got that two

    6. MultiGolfWang says:

      At 25:50 I got it it was easy

    7. Ciara Quinones says:

      I've done the rope trick three times in public and the floating can trick and the thoothpick trick

    8. Lester Caldera says:


    9. amfteam4 says:

      so dumb..thinks we as viewers are stupid as fck

    10. Johncenaultimatefan says:

      The wwe divas are eve torres and maria kanellis

    11. Michael Kwan says:

      The Great Wall magic cost $ though.. :P

    12. Vynl Blue says:

      the magician always looks sad with the mask i wish they would change the mask and make it a smiling mask

    13. SB Bostick says:


    14. DAMON KIRK FELIPE says:

      Where the FUCK do they get those DAMN stuff

    15. DAMON KIRK FELIPE says:

      How the FUCK did he turn that DAMN car to another DAMN CAR OH HOLY FUCK

    16. Carlos Nunez says:

      who is watching this in 2015

    17. Bothjoker7 Scott says:


    18. PurpleDeamon66 says:

      The narrator is one horny fuck

    19. 90009kitkat says:

      Some of these I can guess but others it's not so obvious. It's really fascinating watching the secrets being revealed!! But I hate the tricks when it can only be done with a camera -_-

    20. Arthur Bradshaw says:

      "Available in HD" 240p… There's an issue here…