Metal Detecting Monday Ep. 35 (Lake Havasu Beach)

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Enjoying the underwater views at Site Five. Thanks goes out to Scuba Training & Technology for their excellent shop and info! Music: Aqueous Transmission by Incubus.

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    22 Responses to Metal Detecting Monday Ep. 35 (Lake Havasu Beach)

    1. TeHFuZZlAR says:

      If you can, could you describe where on the lake those catfish were?

    2. Robert Taylor says:


    3. Sonya Nelson says:

      Lots of trash in there!

    4. Adam Babcock says:

      wow man, this was great! i really enjoyed this… thanks 🙂 btw, nice music selection

    5. Sam Whaley says:

      Way cool dallas….would love to join you on a dive….i free dive everywhere in out splendid little treasure.  I love it.  Nice work.

    6. JeepCollector91 says:

      Didn't expect to see a Jeep CJ-7 in this video…

    7. MxHonda514 says:

      really not sure i wanna know whats under me at havasu haha

    8. Jake Lamb says:

      Where do you get that mask? Great video!!

    9. j mo says:

      been there hundreds of times never would of guessed.thanks for the great video. subbed !

    10. Max Muzones says:

      Those lures! That would be super fun! I'd earn some cool baits:)

    11. Electric Future says:

      One of my biggest fears dark murky water I refuse to swim in any lakes and stuff

    12. paul cristma says:

      you should win a trophy for this it is just beautiful perfect

    13. Benjamin Gonzalez says:

      Awesome video and great song choice!

    14. paulybeans45 says:

      Unfortunately this video shows how badly infested the lake is with the Quagga Mussels.
      They are covering everything in the video!
      Good job in bringing attention to this tragedy.

    15. Mark Johnston says:

      Awesome footage and sound! Finding all those lures would be cool.

    16. Pablo Venegas says:

      the worst song ever

    17. kg6tgr says:

      Thanks for the Havasu dive. Music was awesome too.

    18. Patrick Barnwell says:

      a toilet at 1:03

    19. Dre Andre says:


    20. TheStrangeOreo says:

      me and my friend recently scuba dove around the the island how did you find everything we found only a few things, Congrats on vid its amazing!!!

    21. WildDigger says:

      Beach hunting is so much fun… LOL. Need ot get in the water next time. GL&HH.

    22. I DIG HISTORY says:

      I can't wait to see the good stuff you found down there!