Metal Detecting Scotland’s History Part 17, in search of Treasure

Metal Detecting again on Field 5 as part of my search for King Robert The Bruce' former residence from 1326-1329 in Scotland on land that he owned

The Prospector's Eye - Part 3

Mining isnt new to Nevada. In fact, it might be the oldest profession in the state. Still hunting today prospectors search the desert in hopes of finding the next big strike. Get a different view of Nevada when watching The Prospector's Eye.
Nevada, meaning “snow covered” in Spanish, extends out over thousands of square miles of rugged basin and range country. Most of its population lives in the Las Vegas area to the south, and the Reno area to the north, leaving the rest of the land to the jackrabbits, wild horses and relatively few human residents and visitors. To get a sense of this vast land, documentarians spent several days tagging along with those who perhaps know it best, the prospectors, to see it through their eyes.

The video explores those rough and rugged entrepreneurs who still possess the pioneer spirit and comb the vast lands of the Nevada desert looking for the treasures that might lie beneath.

John M. Gomes, a member of a pioneer Golconda family, was born in Oakland, California, in 1925. He graduated from Oakland High School in 1943 and served in the Army Air Force during World War II. He holds a B. S. degree in metallurgy from the Mackay School of Mines and is retired from the United States Bureau of Mines. Presently, John and his wife, Gloria, a Pershing County native, live in Reno. Mr. Gomes has been a docent at the Nevada Historical Society since 1994.

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