Minelab Metal Detector Finds Buried Treasures Near Lake Tahoe And Genoa Hills In Nevada

Minelab Metal Detector Finds Buried Treasures Near Lake Tahoe And Genoa Hills In Nevada

READ THE FULL ARTICLE NOW http://needbucksnow.com/metal-detector-treasure-hunt-in-nevada/ Denny was a retired Navy officer and had more than enough time on his hands to do some treasure hunting. He had wanted to get away from home for a while and had missed the thrill of searching for buried treasure over the long wintertime they had gotten this year. He decided that he would start his adventure near Lake Tahoe and visit some relatives out of state after he was done. Lake Tahoe is the sixth largest lake in the United States by volume, after the great lakes, and Denny set out with his metal detector to search around it and the Genoa hills, east of Lake Tahoe and in the area. The Genoa Hills are rumored to contain gold coins stolen by bandits long ago. He headed south first to Sand Harbor to do a little searching on the beach. The day was cool with white cumulus clouds lazily drifting across the sky as he set up his metal detector. Sand Harbor is a popular tourist area, and quite likely to contain dropped rings, watches and coins, he thought. A few hardy swimmers and sunbathers were already on the beach as he put on his metal detector headphones and began swinging his metal detector from side to side. He tweaked the settings on his metal detector to try to avoid getting any false “junk” readings. “This is truly a perfect day to do some treasure hunting” he said to himself.

At first he got some hits, mainly from ordinary coins dropped by tourists. He happily put those in his pocket. About an hour into the search, Denny spotted something amorphous on the metal detector's display. He dug down about six inches and found a gold chain with a locket inscribed with “To Karen with love” on it. He wondered how long it had been there and if it had been forgotten. Denny watched as a group of gulls picked at something, apparently some food left behind by tourists. He also noticed something shiny among what they were picking at. The gulls scattered when Denny approached. There were some coins on the surface, but also he noticed the people had been digging so he ran the metal detector over the area. He found a few more coins that had sloppily been left by the tourists. One looked rare, a dime from 1910. Denny kept it separate, and took a few of the crackers that he snacked on continuously and left them as a thank you to the gulls which were still around the area, cleaning up after the humans.

Next Denny found a rocky cove of the type that dots the area. The crows were loud as Denny put on his headphones and began scanning around the area with his metal detector. His first hit in the cove was near the surface. It was a pair of modern sunglasses with metal frames. Denny cleaned them off studiously. The lenses had a few minor scratches from the sand but these would work just fine. He put them on and continued working with his metal detector. Denny was thinking that this relatively sheltered area would make a good place for bandits to hide their loot. He spotted two large rocks that looked like a good spot and started scanning around them. Just between them is where Denny got a good hit. It appeared that his instincts were dead on. Digging would not be easy as the room between the rocks was minimal. Denny tried to move them, but they were too heavy.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE NOW http://needbucksnow.com/metal-detector-treasure-hunt-in-nevada/ and be sure to check out everything else I have as well. Thanks alot and please share this for me 🙂

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