NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Full Race – Daytona 500

Watch the complete race from Daytona on February 22, 2015.

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Watch the complete race from Talladega on October 19, 2014

For more NASCAR news, check out:
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    39 Responses to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Full Race – Daytona 500

    1. Will Shaw says:

      Can anyone tell me in simple terms what 'the chase' is please?

    2. vfY- says:

      Nascar is a mexican sport Mexico Rulessssssssssssssssssssss ┌П┐(-_-)┌П┐

    3. Alex Kelley says:

      There was a SPIN IN the Tri-Oval! Tony Stewart Spun! Same thing to Kyle Larson and Ross Chastain at Daytona this February and Greg Biffle at Fontana Last Sunday.

    4. David Blaire says:

      Honestly one of the best if not the best race I have ever watched in my life of 18 years. My driver, Brad, pulled off a true clutch win to move on to the next round. Hope this year he can take it all the way. Go #2!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. AUDREY MEADOWS says:


    6. AUDREY MEADOWS says:


    7. ArkbladeIX says:

      So much circle.

    8. OS Coutinho says:

      I Love That Sound. F**k Ferraris.

    9. msr09 Gaming says:

      Man, as a person that went to this race, I can't tell you how much better this race was actually there. If you ever get a chance to go to a Superspeedway race, go to it!

    10. Abir Sharna says:

      Nascar drivers doesn't even deserve to get paid for just driving a circle 200 times i'd like to see them driving a car 300 km/h at monaco with a real bad weather they'd shit their pants..

    11. remaster1981 says:

      How about Landon Cassill with a top 5 finish!!! He is a great plate driver. Would love to see him win one. Extremely under rated driver.

    12. Matthew Schutte says:

      I thought Danica was gonna win. lol

    13. sjfanz8 says:

      stupid commercials JUST SKIP IT!

    14. Jeff Rogers says:

      Go back to a real point system maybe nascar would be worth watching instead of your final 4 football crap

    15. Gregoria Moreno Cabrera says:


    16. Gregoria Moreno Cabrera says:


    17. Ryan Harper says:

      Guys isn't it stupid that Nascar Full Races aren't broadcasted on UK TV? Like if you agree and we have Formula 1 and USA HAVE INDYCAR THEY HAVE SOMETHING SIMILAR TO FORMULA 1 BUT WE HAVE NOTHING SIMILAR TO NASCAR REPLY OR LIKE IF U AGREE WITH ME.

    18. Ryan Harper says:

      Good run for Cassill 4th WOW

    19. Quasimoto7 says:

      Jamie McMurray did lose a tire

    20. mcr2124 says:

      I still get disappointed every time I see that Caution for Debris pop up with 5 to go! Ruined the finish of this race!!!

    21. Nate Sinadinovic says:

      Darrly needs some wax or gel in his hair 9.00

    22. Nate Sinadinovic says:

      Darryl needs wax in his hair

    23. CORONITAMAN says:

      At 17:53, you could hear the victory scream from Dale Earnhardt Jr wining the 2014 Daytona 500, but you could barely hear it.

    24. Mack Kline says:

      his balls haven't even dropped yet he idnt deserve that win Nascar has gotten so pussified anymore damn i mean back in the day they woulda dog fighted all the way back to the line not this throw the gd yellow flag for a hot dog wrapper on the track

    25. Tobi Ojo says:

      The last 35 laps of the  2015 Daytona 500 were the most intense laps I have seen.

    26. Farah Akram says:

      This Race is very long's 500 laps

    27. Shawn Conner says:

      ty for upload!

    28. Tyrone Moody says:

      i like daytona 500

    29. MrBaddog7676 says:

      This sport sucks now. 15 years ago it was amazing!

    30. coast to coast am says:

      It's pretty cool that nascar now posts full races from the year on youtube. I wish other sports like the nfl and nba wouldn't be so greedy in money and post there games like nascar does. But when was the last time you saw Nascar drivers go on strike for money they don't really need.

    31. dixirkt says:

      Thank you for posting NASCAR

    32. 33kalam says:

      A great race, but it's a shame that they have to bring out a caution at the finish

    33. Erik Olsen says:

      this was a great race

    34. TheCommentor says:

      I Love Nascar so Much

    35. F1-Fan- 82 says:

      In the Nascar Series, there are overtaking a model for the Formula 1 !!
      Shit FIA are too stupid a concept to create. Manufacturers (Mercesdes) have too much influence destroys every Sport!! What viewers want does not matter, 40% Fan decline which is an answer of Formula 1 fans  this ruined race series with too many electronics and Tools!! Compliment Nascar,  NASCAR produces what the fans want and the FIA and Manufacturers shit on the fan opinion and wishes !!! Nascar is one of the best Series 🙂 !!

    36. Austin Feinberg says:

      Philip Philips did good singing the Star Spangled Banner for the 2015 Daytona 500.

    37. Zythrix Frost says:

      The Pied Piper of Daytona I know JR didnt win this one but there is always next year

    38. Jota Elgra says:


    39. GamingWithGage Videos All The Time says:

      Wtf at the moment of caution jimmie with in 2nd but nascars like fuck dat shit and they put him in 3rd they do it bye the last timing loop and at the moment of caution they had just past one making it the last one they past but fuck jj he needs to be 2nd