New Audi RS4, Mazda MX-5 SEMA concepts, Tokyo and kangaroos – Car news in 90 seconds

It’s time for this week’s car news in 90 seconds and there’s been plenty to get our teeth into over the last few days. The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show went off with a bang, lifting the lid on some fantastic new concept cars that look set to shape the production cars of the future. We’re looking ahead to something very special that’s brewing at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and Felipe Massa has been testing the Jaguar C-X75 that stars in James Bond’s latest outing Spectre.

And finally; Volvo is developing a safety system to detect and avoid Kangaroos. As we said, it’s all here…

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Kangaroo avoidance tech coming to new Volvos

While we might not really have an issue with kangeroos hopping across the road in the UK, Volvo has been working on technology for the Australian market which will help prevent one of the biggest causes of car collisions on the country’s roads! A fleet of XC90s had the software added utilizing the car’s existing cameras and radars to spot the ‘roos and avoid them!

New Audi RS4 spotted

Audi’s fifth-generation A4 range has only just landed in showrooms, but we’ve spotted the much racier ‘RS’ on the road already. To the untrained eye this might simply look like the S4 Avant, and it does have those badges to throw you off the scent, but look closer and you’ll spot the extended wheel arches featured on the RS models.

Mazda MX-5 Spyder and Speedster teased

Mazda has revealed an image previewing two concepts adapted from the fourth generation MX-5, which will go on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The Speedster and Spyder concepts show what Mazda is calling “vastly different takes” on the roadster.

The Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show has also seen a series of tuned Ford Mustang’s. They generate an incredible 887bhp from the car’s 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, while also looking suitable for a Fast & Furious film with new bodykits.

Tokyo Motor Show 2015: news round-up

This week was the Tokyo Motor Show and if you’re looking for all the big reveals, such as the Mazda RX-Vision and Toyota S-FR, you can double up on your news for this week by watching our video about the best cars from the show.

Massa drives the Jag C-X75 from Spectre

And finally, it might have been the UK premier of the James Bond film Spectre this week, but the cast aren’t the only ones getting behind the wheels of the film’s cars. Felipe Massa has been trying out the Jaguar C-X75 developed by Williams Engineering over in Mexico and seems to be enjoying himself!
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    1. Niraj kathet says:

      First one

    2. mobilesrockcom says:

      i like that volvo hahahha

    3. kingofclans6789 says:

      Cant wayt for the rs4

    4. Jed Turner says:

      reply to me auto express

    5. Jamie Wilson says:

      This is why M cars will always be better than Audi's RS range. It usually takes at least 18 months after the launch of a new model for M division to release their version. Audi on the other hand knock them out straight away thinking more power and a few badges will do the trick

    6. inchskater says:

      truly excited about what mazda will do with the mx-5 !

    7. Brieuc Stouvenakers says:

      *s4!!! not rs4

    8. oezdal1 says:

      S! not RS!

    9. Mister_Que says:

      Audi makes the best looking station wagons, hands down

    10. Amin Naqvi says:

      The video was 90 seconds the ad was 30 and the ad was not able to be skipped if I didn't love auto express so much I wouldn't have watched this video

    11. Audiwan Kenobi says:

      them Ford Mustangs are the business! it drives me crazy to know that Chevy has been walking all over them in terms of stock/showroom performance.