Nibiru Prepper, See and Hear Things Kept From You- 36

Continuing with this 6th part of 10 Videos- People, YOU should learn enough from this 10 Video/Series to begin to educate and help others- It is my intent to alert You and my hopes that You will share with others, as others do share with You- We will all be in this coming Cataclysmic Event together and without assistance or help from anyone- So teaming-up with Peoples that You deem trustable in a desperate situation will be ‘KEY' to any survival that You may hope for- I offer to You a message of information about Your enemies and their intent for You and also a possible future through and into Your ‘here-after'- You will become very aware of the seriousness of these messages, and You must begin to tell and talk with others as you look for friends to stand with you to the bitter end- Learn what messages are in the Holy Scriptures BECAUSE, Time will prove to You that the Scriptures are very real and ‘KEY' to any future that You may have- Watch as many as You can, download and share with family and friends that you trust enough not to get You dead before Your Time- Trust No Cops, Military, or Government personnel with your Life- They care only about their own- gwt
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Artist: The Shaking Sensations
Song: Things Like These Kept You Safe
Album: This Is Your Hellfire Religion! (EP) (2010)

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