Over 2 Ounces Drywashing For Gold In Arizona

Video showing that hard work in the right spot can be rewarding. Well over 2 Ounces of gold in the trays
Dry washing For gold in Arizona
Metal detecting for gold nuggets
How to find gold
Minelab Fisher Gold Bug II
Gold Prospecting
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    17 Responses to Over 2 Ounces Drywashing For Gold In Arizona

    1. GoldProspecter says:

      Nive video! Here is a video I made outside of Yuma Arizona in an abandoned gold mine:

    2. Sea Bass says:

      Hey IBFB. This is going to sound crazy but, I have nothing to lose. I'm struggling over here at 29 on the Virginia coast and I want to do something I've been wanting to do since I was younger. I want to say goodbye to my roommates, pack my car with my gear, and travel out west to prospect. I want to camp/live out of my vehicle for a month or two. I have just about everything ready other than gas/food/water, that's last-minute stuff. The only thing I have trouble with is the Claims issue. I don't want to get shot dead or be arrested for metal detecting or drywashing on someone's claim. I also don't want to get tricked by someone wandering up saying that I'm on their claim and be robbed of my only belongings. Any advice? I don't have the extra $100+ to join a club. Is there anywhere in AZ that's NOT a claim?? I come in peace!

    3. Vahagn melikyan says:

      How do you figure the open areas,because pretty much everywhere in AZ is claimed.

    4. Jeffrey Elliott says:

      What kind of vacuum do you have that will suck up dry gold from dry bedrock cracks  ?

    5. dlvmark says:


    6. Smithsgold says:

      Nice !!!!!!!

    7. Chuck Gentles says:

      Looks like a great day dry washing. Thanks for the video. I subscribed to your channel please do the same for mine. Hope to see more of your gold.

    8. Destrizal Syamra says:

      I think some of gold was sucked

    9. Steven C says:

      Definitely a good ROI. So have you been doing around the 1400 a day range continuously? If so, would not take long to make up that 20k and go in the black. 😉 Awesome job guys! GLTU

    10. nkom martin says:

      Excellent job, are you not recruiting. Kkkkk keep doing this in a year wow you will be a millionaire

    11. Goldwaschen & Paydirt says:

      Great amount of gold !!! Thanks for sharing.
      You have a new subscriber.

    12. Thomas Buckley says:

      Great cleanup

    13. Brian Mackenzie says:

      Holy shit!!!

    14. GreatScott says:

      I mean it was a great find, but all that gold only produced 2 ounces? Nice work fella's. I'm heading that way to prospect later this year.

    15. GreatScott says:

      Doesn't a claim need to be worked every year to keep the title to that claim? If a claim is not worked,then it could be up for grabs.

    16. Randy’s Treasure Adventures says:

      Helluva day! I know it was hard work but what a great return!

    17. Gold Digger Demas says:

      Hey man i just subscribed!!! Thisnis amazing!!!!