Patty Mayo YouTube Bounty Hunter (Unprofessional Professionals)

This is the first episode of an ongoing series where we take a look at different unprofessional internet personality s. 😉

Today were going to be talking about Patty Mayo YouTube bounty hunter.

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Bounty hunters have one mission: to track down criminals and bring them before the courts. But going after drug dealers and murderers alike, bounty hunters never know what to expect, or to what extremes their quarry will fight to stay out of prison.

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    39 Responses to Patty Mayo YouTube Bounty Hunter (Unprofessional Professionals)

    1. J says:

      is this in Tri-Cities?

    2. Chime In says:

      this shit aint allowed in Utah these dudes would be dead if they broke into a home out here everyone is packing here

    3. Chime In says:

      yall saying these psychos should have firearms theres a reason they dont. YOU CANT COLLECT A BOUNTY IF YOU KILL THE FUDGITIVE dumbasses

    4. Lazy Kid says:

      I thought bounty hunters are covered under federal laws, if so state laws shouldn't apply to them, they should be allowed to carry guns unless the bounty Hunter is a felon like Dog the bounty Hunter.

    5. CASTDOWNSATAN says:

      Going through a window not knowing if a shot gun blast is waiting for you is so smart..

    6. Warrior Cross Guns says:

      ya tu sabe tigre….

    7. Darwin Delacruz says:

      Anything in you pockets that will stick me, poke me or stab me?

    8. Russ P says:

      16:20 sounds like he threatened her an that’s why he won’t say what he said to the mother…

    9. Angel Franks says:

      You need to come to Florence Alabama and get a job here and do your work here like you do it up there and see how it goes.

    10. sharpaycutie2 says:

      Cops shoukd take note when doing their job.

    11. Stay Strapped says:

      this guy know damn well he aint luring a guy out the club with that fat ass bounty hunter bitch

    12. DFA-_- Ruddy says:

      Bars at 3:00

    13. DFA-_- Ruddy says:

      2:55 to be exact

    14. ERROR:9948 8385435 says:


    15. cecilox21 says:

      No gun no fun

    16. Dave Taylor says:

      Not tough to sniff out staged events when the actors aren't actors.

    17. DeathTrooper 67 says:

      This is ridiculous! This isn't the 1800's anymore. This should be the duty of trained police not people like this. Being able to entire a house like this is shocking to me.

    18. I'm a fuckin rock. says:

      Not allowed to carry a firearm!?
      Why not!?

    19. Erich Weiler says:

      These guys seem like good people. I had a bounty hunter knock on my door at 2 am. POUNDING on the door. I didn't know they were bounty hunters. I go to the door, open it up, and two little guys come barging in my home with guns asking for someone who my family and I had no idea it was. The guy says, "if you're hiding him," so I say, "let me stop you right there. He's not here, don't even try and pull that shit because I have the legal right to take both you and your hobbit partner's lives. And if you two were worth your salt, you'd have done your homework and know THIS IS A DUPLEX." The guy was literally jumping out the window at that time. The guy who just moved in was a fugitive from CT. I am suing the piss out of the agency. I called and talked to the bondsman the next day and he says, "you let them in your home." Uhhh, NO. Opening your door to someone who is pounding on it at 2 am is absolutely not letting two people dressed in black without the mandatory badge by Washington State, both with guns in your home. The dipshit said, you couldn't see out of your door? NOT WITH YOUR AGENTS UNSCREWING MY PORCH LIGHT. They are trying like hell to get out of this like crazy. My lawyer said they are insured for such an event and if the insurance pays out on something like this, they will be uninsurable. The piece of shit has tried to settle a few times but I'm going after his bond. I understand they have a job to do and I also understand he took a criminal off the streets-especially with the guy being my neighbor, but what I don't understand is, how these morons think they have the right to barge in anyone's home where it's painfully obvious it was a duplex. In fact, the two homes had two entirely different addresses and they were both marked. One was on 15th Street and the other was on Summit or something like that. I told the bondsman that I would be going to the Clerk's office at the King County Justice Center in the morning to start a civil action against his firm, afterwards going to the Renton Police and prosecutor's office to obtain a copy of the filed police report and request criminal charges be placed with the two bounty hunters for B&E, assault with a weapon enhancement, battery, burglary (entering a dwelling and committing a felony), and a host of other charges, and also a conspiracy charge against the bondsman. After I said that, he knew I meant business and asked me if I was an attorney-to which I said, "my advice to you, is to get yourself legal counsel because this will end your career and could end you up in jail, and if you lose your bond like we both know you will, you won't even be able to bond yourself out."

      The guy knows he's fucked and I don't feel bad for him. When I told these two bozos it was a duplex, they ran out of my home and went next door. Not once did they come back and apologize or even ask how we were doing after all that…. THAT is my problem. If they had been respectful like these guys, I'd have a different thought on the matter. Not only that, but we could have pressed criminal charges but we didn't because, come to find out, the local police were there the entire time. I called 911 out of an abundance of caution, was on the phone with them for about 15 minutes waiting for the police to show up, and here they were the whole time. Finally two cops come to my door and are blown away at what happened. They sympathized with us and even encouraged us to file a report-which I did, but I question how far criminal charges would have gone with the police being there. The irony was, the Renton PD told us that these guys were leaving for CT in the morning and if we filed charges, we'd have a hard time getting them back here to go to court. How fucking unbelievable.

      They will have to come back for our civil case-all at their own expense. One issue is, the two bounty hunters didn't work for the bondsman, so our lawyers followed the money and wound up filing on the bail bonds agency-which is fine with me because they are the ones who sent their goons out to the wrong house. These two guys were POUNDING on our front door. I am still surprised to this day that the door wasn't broken in some way. I couldn't believe it. Not only that, but this is a perfect example of the use of force by a homeowner and it being justified. I knew it wasn't the police because they identify themselves immediately. I hate the thought of taking someone's live and I sure don't like talking about it like I'm bragging. But my point is, this guy is right: his job is extremely dangerous and to be quite honest, I admire this guy and his crew of bounty hunters-even though I had a fucked up experience with bounty hunters. These guys in this video seem like good people and I hope they stay safe. I say this because they obviously do their research before kicking down doors. Personally, I don't think bounty hunters should be able to bust open any door unless they have a visual and a 100% that they see their target. To me, bounty hunters should be financially and criminally liable for any damage they do or cause unjustly.

      Another thing I don't like about bounty hunters is, they are quick to tell people they will charge them if the person they are seeking is there in their home. The only way someone can be charged is if they knowingly are harboring a wanted fugitive-which is extremely hard to prove unless law enforcement or an agent otherwise has previously informed them of a fugitive's status. But then again, it's easy to get around. All someone has to say is, "they told me they went to court and quashed the warrant or was seem by the judge".. The statute of aiding and abetting a fugitive is almost always not about letting them stay with you. It's about offering support (financial or otherwise) or offer counter intelligence to avoid justice. But then again, the burden of proof is

      I'm sorry, but there needs to be better laws on the books for bounty hunters-especially where they can carry lethal weapons. In the State of Washington, bounty hunters can carry guns. What they cannot do, however, is stay in a home after it's clear the target isn't there. These two guys were looking around, and when one tried to go through our mail, my wife said, "STOP LOOKING THROUGH OUR MAIL, ASSHOLE".. The guy says, "ma'am, sit down," to which I immediately said, "uh, no. Are you looking for my wife? Did my wife have a bond with your agency? THEN STOP TELLING US WHAT THE FUCK TO DO, AND GET YOUR CANDY ASSES OUT OF HERE BEFORE I USE MY RIGHT TO PROTECT MY FAMILY, MYSELF, AND MY PROPERTY FROM THE TWO OF YOU BY MEANS OF LETHAL FORCE-AND I DO MEAN LETHAL."

      One guy says, "uh, sir, I want to remind you that we are bounty hunters."

      I reply, "and I want to remind you of the Castle Doctrine and I want to remind you in the State of Washington, you are the sitting duck and perfect example of what the Revised Code of Washington permits as Justifiable/Excusable Homicide statutes.."

      He says, "are you an attorney or something?"

      I said, "you'll find out soon enough, but that's not what should concern you right now. Your guy probably lives next door and he heard all the yelling and screaming and pounding you two cocksuckers are doing. Do you think he got away yet?"

      They run out of the door and I don't see them again. LOL It's almost funny. The bondsman said I let them in my house. I told him that opening your door does not mean you're letting people in your home. He says, "how do I know you didn't let them in"… Again, I remind him that my family and I have never even been to CT and that I don't make it a practice to let two guys in all black with guns in my home ever-especially in the middle of the night. LOL I can't wait for their bond from their insurance company to be taken away. There goes their career and the funny thing about that is, the two bounty hunters he sent are still bounty hunting. The guy who flipped the bill is the one who is going to lose out. This is how you take people like that down. I told his counsel, if the lawmakers aren't going to put a leash on your client and the bad apples in that industry, it will be victims like myself who will. The only problem is, they are dragging this out as long as they can.. But then again, I would too if it meant I'm losing the only profession I know. I don't want to hear that he is a third generation bondsman and I'd be taking his career away from him. I didn't do shit. HE DID, and I told his attorney that I don't feel bad for him or his fucked up midget wannabe cop bounty hunters…

      More to come…

    20. Jahvin Edwards says:

      It party's truck 17:00

      But the criminal / actor has the fu**ing keys for the truck 17:20

    21. Michael Henriques says:

      "Its long way down if this tazer touches you". Yeah, its also a long way to prison for causing great bodily harm. That fall can kill a person. I have worked in public safety for a long time. Never in law enforcement, which "patty" isnt either. I have never seen such unprofessionalism. EVER. He would have so many suits and complaints no licensing board would touch him.

    22. Michael Henriques says:

      Well, anyone who has ever taken a polygrpah, which I have, called BS. 1. He is asking the questions WAY too fast for the readings to come in. and 2. The guy is slouching. You have to sit up straight.

    23. Renae Fowler says:

      Hes definitely fake, and gross. Hes 1st channel was nasty…

    24. zaahatchetman gaming says:

      Just go watch donut operator on him lol

    25. Sherlock holmes says:

      Can you do a how to spot a predator video on ken domik from kbd productions tv? Guy got drunk with a bunch of young men and filmed and did a close up of a kids penis in his underwear.not only once but twice. Its at the 50 min mark of this video

    26. Roger Willis says:

      I have no clue what is a bounty hunter but I do like patties content

    27. Javi 30 says:

      How is he a doosh if he is just doing his job.i know he is fake but bruh

    28. 404UserNotFound says:

      hes fake, thats fact, and facts dont care about your feelings.

    29. Jessica Tan says:

      Ya know he is wit the sheriff department right how can he be fake when he is talking to the police department with a real deputy's badge whit police equipment and actual police grade weapons and don't you dare say I'm one of those guys that can't face the truth about him ya know what you are just a jealous person who is jealous because he has way more subscribers than you stop this BS you dumb asshole you think all those things proof that he is fake well you are wrong asshole apparently millions of people look up to him and only haters like you and your subscribers don't look up to him well f@#k you p@#$y boy f@#k you

    30. I do things sometimes says:

      Officer Patrick Mayonnaise, open up!

    31. Robert Ramos says:

      He said several times he was law Enforcement he is a bounty hunter, he can only go after the person who is on the paperwork. I am a armed guard, and we cannot do half of the things he Does he does investigations investigations he’s not a police officer…. fake ….but good videos

    32. Mumble Rappers Anonymous says:

      Some of these comments remind me of how I acted when I was 10 years old and found out the WWE was fake. Great video as always man!

    33. Camo FPV says:

      what are you going to say that now he is a . sheriff

    34. Meta Pod says:

      Sounds like you are jealous of his 4.6 million subs compared to your paltry 24k. Don't @ me.

    35. Ayy Lmao says:

      He is a sheriff now

    36. HighlightLion says:

      Its so fake that he shot real live ammo at a vehicle coming towards him.

    37. Bock’s Garage says:

      Who the fuck cares if it’s fake it’s entertainment

    38. Joseph Carmine says:

      30 seconds into those videos you can see how fake they are. I can't believe there's an argument about it.

    39. PhilTheThrill says:

      How does any of this prove he is fake? It seems like your just making speculations about his videos and why you think they are fake. I think this could happen in real life. Btw the camera crew stays behind the bounty hunter's and they wear bullet proof vests as well. Sure its risky but it wasen't like the guy was pointing the rifle at them.