PBR – Bull Riders – Some of the best scores 95.0 96.5 Pts!

Gilbert Carrillo, Ty Murray, Mike White, Cory Mcfadden, Chris Chivers, Jim Sharp, Justin McBride, Owen Washburn, Terry Don West and Bubba Dunn earning high marks at the beginning of the decade! 94.00. 95.00. 96.50 Points!!!

Source: VHS – PBR Red, White, Black & Blue.

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    20 Responses to PBR – Bull Riders – Some of the best scores 95.0 96.5 Pts!

    1. James Banister says:

      im the 7000th viewer

    2. musiclovingchic says:

      in the 30,274th viewer!! lol jk :p

    3. eojb27 says:

      39802th viewer,55th like

    4. Emilio Rangel says:

      Gilbert carrillo was a badass

    5. Joe Hallman says:

      <3 it.. Ty Murray is amazing.. So was his buddy Lane Frost.. <3 them both

    6. rebelpround says:

      the 48,506th viewer and 70th liker

    7. TheMeteoro06 says:

      9:41 wooooooooww

    8. Ty VanSkiver says:

      lol i know right……….. i ride bulls also but im only 16 yrs old 🙂 im going to PA to ride some this weekend

    9. Dustin Hall says:

      i have a quesstion for everyone even tho i know the answer. what is the highest canadian bull ride score and who is the rider? if u think u know the answer reply to this comment

    10. Gentrit Hoti says:

      dö .vl göbö ögöggöbö hötäggäg. öbögöcä .gövböägög äggäböböögcff.f ö .v.röförföfmförrvbö öögögöfööcöhahahahahahahqh

    11. 42sundown says:

      Great rides. I just watched Luke Snyder ride King Lopez for 91.5 and said it was about as good a bull roide as I've ever seen. Even with these great rides, only Bubba Dun on Promised Land, and Owen Washburn's and Terry Don's rides on the same great old bull were really worth that much. As much as I love Ty, his Red Wolf ride wouldn't make the cut, with the others. In my day, Jim Shoulders and Harry Thompkins were the best Bull Riders. My high for my career was to split a 3d and 4th See #2

    12. 42sundown says:

      #2..with my hero Jim Shoulders. Back in those days Wranglers came with a little RCA Comic Book attached and I had a bunch of them. I got to see Donnie Gay and Reba McEntire as small children, worked for Bob Aber and rodeoed from his ranch in ND. In the 50s money was small but I thought that I was on top of the world. I never did much RCA, mostly good amateur rodeos in the midwest. I loved to travel and meet new people and I hitchhiked a lot, if I had no other way to go. I knew Donny Mayo2

    13. Sanne Kornet says:

      Ik hoop voor ze dat ze op hun hoofd vallen en dood gaan 

    14. Rene Forrester says:

      96.5 sigh i could only dream

    15. Magical Bevanna says:

      Fantastic! True athletes!! I once had a chance to meet a old retired bullrider. He always maintained that the first 2 bucks the bull makes, determines whether you make the 8 seconds, though to the end, or at which point you and the bull part ways. Dusty always said, after those first 2 seconds the rest is just Gravy. 

    16. Jennifer H says:

      Washburn an Chivers were great but Blueberry an Carrillo will always be my all time favorite.

    17. quad core says:

      I was born with one hand and raised in the city, and God is telling me to take the PBR title by riding the meanest bull til he can't buck no more, I have no experience, I ain't no cowboy, but God tells me I can do it and stun the whole entire world if I do it by faith with no training, I ain't even never sat on a mechanical bull.

    18. Sean Dafny says:

      lol this shit so funny

    19. Celso Policarpo says:
    20. Brittney De Los Santos says:

      go blueberry wine