Red Dead Redemption 2: capturing all fugitives alive – 2 extras in Tumbleweed

Red Dead Redemption 2: capturing all fugitives alive - 2 extras in Tumbleweed

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Criminals who used plastic surgery to evade capture! These bandits on the run changed their looks by going through cosmetic surgery procedures.

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8 Giovanni Rebolledo
Rebolledo was looking at 60 years, but underwent a makeover to become ‘Rosalinda’. Despite his new appearance, officers still recognized the man during a routine stop-&-search.
7 Tatsuya Ichihashi
Ichihashi wrote a book in which he admits everything. He talks about the extreme lengths he went to in order to change his appearance. Shortly after the police came to question him, he tried to make his nose narrower. At the time police were offering the equivalent of 121,000 dollars for information. With the money earned from a series of construction jobs, Ichihashi got two more operations on his nose but staff from the second clinic noticed traces of the moles Ichihashi had tried to cut off, & thought that something about him was strange.
6 Andrew Moran
While living on the run, he avoided getting caught with the help of surgery. He had an operation to remove a mole on his chin that was visible in the images released of him. Moran also had several aliases & remained on the run using fake Lithuanian & Irish passports. He was almost caught in November 2012, after a terrifying car chase in which he drove the wrong way on the AP7 highway that runs along the Mediterranean coast. Sources claim that Moran was scheduled for laser eye surgery prior to his capture, as he thought the glasses he wore would help identify him.
5 Ronnie Biggs
In France he had surgery & left for Australia under a new name. With authorities closing in, Biggs was one step ahead & went to Brazil. During this time Biggs capitalized on his fame & made several television appearances, released a best-selling autobiography & even recorded a song with a punk band.
4 Luiz Carlos da Rocha
After 30 years on the run, Luiz Carlos da Rocha was boss of an operation. He was discreet, avoided attention & mostly lived in the shadows. At the end, he reportedly looked 20 years younger. He’d had surgery to make him harder to recognize from the old photos they had of him. He dyed the grey hair that gave him his nickname & grew a beard. Da Rocha assumed a new identity Vitor Luiz de Moraes but they became suspicious of Moraes & identification experts called in compared new photos to older ones & concluded that they were the same person.
3 John Dilllinger
He became the campaign platform for J. Edgar Hoover’s modernization of the Bureau of investigation. Dillinger was revered by the media who portrayed him as a Robin Hood-like figure through exaggerated accounts of his colorful personality & bravado. Constantly on the run, Dillinger’s face was among the most recognizable in the United States so he took steps to change his appearance. Doctors Wilhelm Loser & Harold Cassidy removed his signature dimples, something on his upper lip & two moles on his face. He also wanted the angle of his mouth drawn up.
2 Amado Carrillo Fuentes
Nicknamed ‘El Señor de Los Cielos’ or ‘The Lord of the Skies’. It’s thought that Fuentes made around 25 billion dollars throughout his career. Keeping a low-profile he acted more like a businessman in the late 80s. Fuentes decided that changing his appearance through surgery would help him. He underwent abdominal liposuction & facial surgery in July 1997. The two doctors that had performed the operation on Fuentes were found in November 1997.
1 Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia
His operations earned him a fortune that’s estimated at .8 billion. Abadia first entered in 1986 aged 23, using routes along the Pacific Coast & relying primarily on go-fast boats & shipping containers. In the mid 1990s, Abadia, known as “Chupeta” was the youngest member. Abadia went to Brazil & assumed a new identity. He had extensive surgery that had rendered him almost unrecognizable & a tendency to constantly change his hair, clothes & general appearance.
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