Refreshing Summer Fruit Salads

Top 5 Fruit Salads To Beat The Heat This Summer

I can’t think of anything more tasty and refreshing than a nice cold fruit salad in the summertime. Well maybe I can, but this is at the top of my list. Check out the article below…

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Summer has arrived and the sun is out to get you. This season is often followed by chatting about summer vacation plans, such as drinking by the beach, having a picnic down by the river, etc. However, on the other hand, it is getting hotter and all those sweatings make you crave for pleasant cool weather. As the temperature spikes, you will have this relentless feeling of your energy being dissipated. This feeling is running high and simply iced water barely helps you simmer down.

While you are probably spending hours flicking through a wide range of recipes to handle the heat, Plated would save you some time by presenting our top five mixed fruit salads. It would be a mistake not to mention fruit salads for the collection of summertime combos. Just thinking about all kinds of chopped fruit mixed with condensed milk, yogurt, jelly, ice-cream,… have already quenched your thirst. Your dehydrated taste buds can thank you later.

It would not take you much effort to treat yourself with a typical bowl of mixed fruit salad. This dish is relatively simple. It tastes amazing just with a mixture of chopped fruit, condensed milk, or coconut milk with coconut topping and slushy ice. The combination of sweet, sour, a bit creaminess from the milk is perfect for creating an appetizing dessert.


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Fresh Fruit Summer Salads

Pick one and go for it… it will be fun and enjoyable…

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