RWBY AMV | Sacrifice by Jeff Williams

I might just cry, this came out 99x better than I ever could have hoped for. Thanks for all the views on my other videos I really enjoy making these. I might re-edit this video with the lyrics but much better than my last video. Let me know what you think and most importantly thanks for watching.

Rwby- By Monty Oum and RoosterTeeth
Song | Sacrifice – By Jeff Williams
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RWBY Theme: From Shadows Extended (RoosterTeeth)

*I own nothing but the video that I edited. All materials belong to their respective owners*

Song: Jeff Williams – From Shadows

NOTE: I do not own the picture or the song. They belong to RoosterTeeth.
All I have done was extend the song.

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The “Black” Trailer can be found here:

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I hope you guys enjoy ^_^
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and have a wonderful day everybody! ^^

NOTE: I've been really sick so I'm sorry if this isn't the best work I've ever done. ^^'
I also tried something new in this video. I made the lyrics appear by syllable rather than verse. This was VERY difficult and time consuming, timing every syllable, but I think it looks good in the end. ^^
I'll re-edit this video and re-post it if people dislike this version. I hope you guys enjoy ^w^

NOTE 2: If the video seems to be EXTREMELY bright or blurry, just give it a few minutes. I'm fixing it. ^^

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