Sea Kayak Videos Episode 1: Getting Started

The first episode in a series hosted by John Dowd. John, together with his wife Bea, was the founding editor and publisher of the ‘Sea Kayaker’ magazine and is the author of many books, including ‘Sea Kayaking’ A manual for the long distance paddler. He is an avid explorer and has undertaken many adventurous kayak expeditions all over the world.
The series are based upon programs developed by John Dawson and Dan Lewis.
This episode looks at some of the ways a kayaker can develop the basic skills and knowledge to safely get on the water and gain experience.

The Sea Kayak Video Series was first presented on DVDs for sale on line or in specialized stores.
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    20 Responses to Sea Kayak Videos Episode 1: Getting Started

    1. Joe McCranie says:

      Learned a lot already. I'm new to kayaking Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    2. Syed Alwi says:

      Thank you so much for this video. Appreciate it a lot.

    3. Keith Lapere says:

      Thx for taking the time to do a video. A lot of info and loved the funny bits. Cheers!

    4. Brian says:

      I like wearing hospital shoes when I wear my drysuit, (the white ones made of foam the nurses wear). I find they protect my feet are easy to get on/off, help with floatation and don't put a hole in the drysuit when on land. Just a tip I do.

    5. Demar Gio says:

      Thanks for sharing valuable information and techniques with the lovers of the sports. and FOR FREE!!! Kayaking is already an expensive sport but free instructional videos like this really helps! :D

    6. Sayedul Huda Chowdhury says:

      At least the Motleys are having fun

    7. seamie1954 says:

      Thanks a million, great video,,

    8. Nicky L says:

      I find it  interesting  that  the  paddle  blades are on  the same  plane as  each  other  rather than  being  at  an  angle  to  each  other

    9. Florida Girl Adventures says:

      This is a great 1st episode! I just found it- cant wait to watch more of your adventures.

    10. valentyn sabulis says:

      Thanks a lot for sharing good practical skills.

    11. Aaron Dover says:

      We aren't all APRIL FOOLS "Dag Goering". See you in Heaven.

    12. Aaron Dover says:

      NEW ZEALAND = NEWSY LAND. They probably make much of the news in NEWSY LAND. The COPYRIGHT and REIGISTERED TRADE MARK symbols are MAPS. REGIS TAR TRADE MARK.

    13. Aaron Dover says:

      Use the STAR BOARD GUYS (GUISE) not the ROPEY MAP

    14. fehr2005 says:

      hi, Im from Switzerland and would like to thank you so much for sharing this Video. I'am just starting learning Kajak and this Video is realy educational for me. Thank you much.

    15. Sandy Skene says:

      Gabriola Island! Love this video! Thank you for sharing.

    16. hawkinsdj99 says:

      great video. thanks

    17. jvrt64 says:

      Without doubt the most informative kayaking video I've seen. I'm new to all of this at the grand old age of 52 and although I'm only sticking to my local river Avon in Stratford U K I'm absolutely LOVING It!

      Thanks again, can't wait to watch them all now I've subscribed.

    18. glass house says:

      I've seen many vids..this is one that is well informative and nicely paced..Thank all involved..John and the Motley Crew too..,;-0)

    19. Hannah Ewart says:

      As a beginner kayaker, I am SO appreciative of these videos. Informative, entertaining, and very in-depth. Plus there is actually some production value. My boyfriend and I will stream episodes on the TV and watch it as if it were a documentary! Would love to see more.

    20. Audfile says:

      I've kayaked a lot in Seattle but only on relatively mild waters (lake union and lake washington). I think I'm about to buy a kayak and learn how to sail with it. kind of excited. love the idea of offshore kayaking too, going somewhere remote over deep water.