SECRET OBSESSION Official Trailer (2019) Brenda Song, Netflix Movie HD

SECRET OBSESSION Official Trailer (2019) Brenda Song, Netflix Movie HD
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    19 Responses to SECRET OBSESSION Official Trailer (2019) Brenda Song, Netflix Movie HD

    1. Leeloo Dallas says:

      This movie looks like it's been done a hundred times before. UGH! Lifetime and their damn….oops sorry wrong network.

    2. Darth Haggis says:

      could been a great twist. Instead you fucked it up

    3. Naomi says:


    4. Aj Presto says:

      Isn't it the same to Before I go to sleep?

    5. K B says:

      From the thumbnail I thought this was gonna be a cute little self acceptance movie about a girl who was born with/ got scarred

    6. vizi0123 says:

      Lol, i just watch an entire short film. Thx for the free movie NetFlix! When's the next one?

    7. CherryCharris says:

      I’m probably going to watch it. But why, why, I repeat, why would you tell all the movie on the trailer?

    8. Nicholas Rizzo says:

      Damn, Netflix is invading Lifetime's turf now.

    9. Chris Bidegain says:

      Huh creepeeerrrr

    10. Gelo Salabar says:


    11. multifandomz says:

      The Vow as a Horror movie

    12. Nicole S says:

      Walmart version of Before I go to Sleep

    13. Ron Miller says:

      Nothing more than an after school movie

    14. TIlak Sevak says:

      Interesting! Why to give spoiler in the trailer?)) Netflix! Grow up))

    15. just vampyrphile says:


    16. Naomi Williamson says:

      well we dont need to watch it now

    17. Naomi Williamson says:


    18. Joker says:


    19. Jhay-R Barrera says:

      Wendy wu is back