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I saw her video while my wife was watching and I liked it. I liked her message. I liked the fact that she wants to help you with great advice and what you need to do to get through this very hard time that we are all going through. Here's a link to her YouTube channel. Go there subscribe to her channel and click the notification bell to get notified when she comes on daily at noon or whenever she posts a new video.

The purpose of this broadcast today is to check in with you and to announce that, starting today, I will be going live, doing a brand new show at noon Eastern every single day. And I'm doing this show for one reason because together, we will get through this storm. And together, we can keep each other grounded and connected. And together, we can share tools and strategies that are working to help you stay centered, to help you move through this very challenging and disruptive time feeling centered and with your spirit, instead of letting your fears and your anxiety take over.

What's one thing you're grateful for? Seriously, what's one thing you're grateful for right now? Because perspective is everything. I'm grateful for the fact that, as I look out my window, here, outside of Boston, Massachusets, that spring is coming. And I am reminded when I see the branches on the trees outside that have been bare through the winter and they are starting to green up and little buds of leaves are starting to come, I am reminded of the seasons that come and go in my life. And I am reminded of the growth that is coming. And I am reminded that bare in times pass and brighter days hum. And just like those trees that I see outside the window right now have these deep roots that keep them grounded through storms and grounded through periods of darkness, and keep them growing so that they can blossom again in the warmth of the sun and in the springtime. Your life is the exact same way and this is temporary.
And I am so grateful, looking out the window, for the reminder that spring is coming in our lives. So I'll see you tomorrow at noon. Stay safe, stay grounded, stay kind to the people that you bump into. Please don't yell at the person who's working in a call center and has no idea why the airline won't refund your ticket. Please don't be impatient with the long checkout lines at all the stores right now. All of those folks that are working at those cash registers and stocking those shelves, they have people at home they're worried about, and they're out there anyway, helping all of us. Please smile at people, please take a deep breath. Please remind yourself that with the proper perspective that this is passing, with patience, with kindness and with this inward focus that there is an opportunity inside this, you guys, I know it, that none of us can see.
And when we come through this, and we will and we're gonna do it together, you will be stronger for it. And I'm grateful for the fact that we have each other. And in case nobody else tells you this today, I'm gonna tell you that I love you and I believe in you and our collective ability to get through this and have the best of us come out while we do. I will see you tomorrow at noon! Share this with all your friends, so we can build an awesome community of people, all right? Gathering at noon Eastern every single day online to build each other up and stay connected.

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