Step-by-Step: How to Make Easy Money on Facebook Marketplace Selling Household Items

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make money on Facebook with Facebook Marketplace. Learn how to use Facebook Marketplace to sell household items and make easy money on Facebook.

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Set up a shop and sell your products directly on Facebook with this step by step tutorial.


In this episode of Marketing TV, I show you the benefits of a Facebook shop on your business page AND walk you through setting it up, step by step.

If you’re struggling to get traffic or sell more product – there is a LOT of potential with this feature so it’s time to set this up, NOW.

Once you’re set up, you have an unlimited amount of marketing opportunities to drive more traffic to your products.

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    40 Responses to Step-by-Step: How to Make Easy Money on Facebook Marketplace Selling Household Items

    1. Sajad ahmad says:


    2. yuki familaran says:

      I would like to start my facebook shop but I can't find the edit page on my setting…what shall I do?

    3. Theodore Roper says:

      Unfortunately we no longer get the option to send traffic to our website that will not show up once we get started on the Shop link. It's now 2018 and they updated it to not function that way.

    4. Chuck Lewis says:

      my facebook page does not have a shop feature. what should I do. I am a Musician, songwriter etc, im using this platform to sell my songs music etc I appreciate your feedback

    5. mohiuddin ahmed says:


    6. Pooey says:

      Is jewelry allowed?

    7. Sunny Chapell says:

      Thank you for the tutorial. I learned a lot from you. My store on Facebook is ready now.

    8. Taruna Bhatia says:

      How to promote share shop links in GB groups (its not allowing to share in more than 1 FB group at a time)

    9. retsubuster says:

      I have the shop i click on it and i can/t add products what am i doing wrong

    10. Eslie Taylor says:

      Are there any other Facebook shop examples I can look at to see how others are doing or ? Birds Nest no longer has one

    11. Dr. Carolyn J. Booker says:

      My shop setting is setup to checkout on Facebook. I want my shop setting to be checkout on another website. How do I change feature setup.I do not have Edit Page Option, instead I have Templates and Tabs Options. My Shop button insists I setup page to sell directly from Facebook. Help!

    12. BookMedia Ecafe says:

      Send them to a sellers page? I already have the hard inventory with me though.

    13. Christine Hopkins says:

      I want to direct to buy on my website. I chose that option but it is asking for my banking information although the purchase is completed elsewhere. I"m in network marketing so my website is connected to the product I'm selling and part of my digital tools with EVER Skincare. Do I still need to provide my banking information? I get to that step and hesitate.

    14. WillMan Create says:

      Awesome, thanks!

    15. Anna Lawler says:

      Can anyone help, I have set up a Facebook shop and beside each product it says sold out. How do I turn this off as they’re not sold out.

    16. Nahid Azeem Dakhani says:

      Fantastic demonstration. Cool.

    17. Pete Hines says:

      thanks for the video-very informative

    18. Joanne Langford says:

      On my set up drop down there is no edit page. Why not?

    19. mariusik powa says:

      how can i add the payment method?because i dont have any options that you show on the video

    20. Wolf Wizard Gifts says:

      Great Information!

    21. Reviews To The Point says:

      Will not people be mad at you for listing for $1 but in the ad it says $400 OBO??

    22. Richard Bulmerrr says:

      hi hot cute bear in tight pants and sweaty blk socks u look age 23, Step-by-Step: How to Make Easy to be yours:) please u..A TO Z,…. my mom name is carol

    23. St. Apollonius says:

      How do you find out the address to post your item? Does this link up with paypal or do all payments go straight to your bank?

    24. live long and prosper channel says:

      Doing this $1 listing price only to have them find out you're really selling for $100 is false advertising and I would think be illegal. I know if I see something for a listed price I expect that's the price and will be pretty pissed when someone springs a much higher price on it. This stuff needs to be eliminated from any legit selling site.

    25. Stax of Funk says:

      I wisk they would do away with canned msg like is this available. too many people mistakenly click on your item when they are not actually interested. I also sont like when details are posted but potential buyer is too lazy to scroll and look at details

    26. michella khan says:

      also when seller messages you on item u wanted but relisted as sold, will say they were a no show and if your still interested, usually means person that went to get it changed their mind and object was prob crap

    27. MrDaRkReMNanTs says:

      I want to start making stuff to sell. I seen someone selling food, isn't there rules against food sale?

    28. samort1 says:

      You don’t have a clue of what your saying bro!

    29. Dale Hansen says:

      Hey Carlos, Thanks for this tutorial. Never even knew that Facebook had a marketplace like this. But don't people get pissed when you advertise an item for $1.00 and then hit them with the real asking price later in the ad? Seems to me that they would.

    30. Earle Smith says:

      Thank you for your tutorial Carlos. I have a question though. When I go to Share Post, it only gives me the option to share in messenger. Is there a way to share it with all my friends?

    31. Shane Womeldorff says:

      I have to Report this video because it promotes false advertising which is ilegal.

    32. J.J. Lukas says:

      We found that when you try to sell items from a business page (versus a personal profile) that it forces the seller to select a flat shipping rate for each items being sold. But we do not want to ship — and would prefer to sell locally for pickup. Is there a way to avoid this forced flat-rate-shipping and sell only for local pickup?

    33. christina grant says:

      Thank you so much for video

    34. Carlos A Mejia says:

      Great Video, I’ll try this new Tactic, Thank You Carlos!.

    35. jess says:

      Too fukin much ..

    36. Ferdorski says:

      MARKETPLACE-is a big JOKE!!! iT IS CAUSING RAMPANT MAYHEM TO HONEST SELLERS. people drive you crazy-ask stupid questions and never show up because no commitment clause, with stupid excuses-want things for nothing-WORSE THAN CRAIGSLIST! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!

    37. MysticStrike ForceSSJ3 says:

      Hi everyone i'm selling my samsung gear VR on facebook market for cheap anyone wants just leave a message and i'll give you my account name to look it up. It fully works said i have everything that needs to be powered on. The thing is i only need canada people only.

    38. ken hart says:

      this guys full of septic tank inhabitants. face book selling is not easy money. maybe 2 out of a hundred serious buyers but the other 98 are nothing but bottom feeding scavengers. then you have the thieves like peggy orielly who come to your house under the pretense of buying then outright steal from you by trickster and pocketing. i have tried selling on that site and if you post say a brass vintage hurricane lamp they send you a warning that its not up to community standards and then you cant post for 3 days. unless you are giving away your chit dont bother with market place. i have seen 50 dollar lamps go for 5 bucks. which is less then the electricity, internet charges and your personal time posting to it. to hell with market place and face book.

    39. ken hart says:

      i just deleted my farce book account because market place deemed my antique vintage brass hurricane lamp as below community standards. like as if they had any standards to go by. blow me market place.

    40. Carlos Gil says:

      If you like this video, be sure to follow my Facebook page at