Swat Lake Havasu Spring Break 2013

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Lake Havasu Spring Break 2013 (Week 3)

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    19 Responses to Swat Lake Havasu Spring Break 2013

    1. Satchel334 says:

      Anh, I was always too out of shape, too geeky, too nerdy to be cool enough for Spring Break.  Always wanted to be one of the beautiful people, yet it was never meant to be.  My life = suck.  Ah, well, life goes on.

    2. Jimmy Gutierrez says:

      coors light worse beer to chugg

    3. Howard Plum says:


    4. Andy Dwyer says:


    5. waterfordel says:

      I'm thinking STD's floating in the water.

    6. Shelly Herring says:


    7. Bio Broly says:

      thats me at 0:31

    8. Key Dot says:

      Let these kids have fun. They're living there life ya do the same!!!

    9. grant fournier says:

      What the fuck was this shot with a kids toy? 

    10. Elizabeth Marie says:

      I think "spring break" is another word for slut fest. 

    11. KandieShowTV says:

      Looks like fun!!!

    12. Max B says:

      can someone please tell me both songs used in this video?

    13. iamemohunter says:

      I'm thinking of driving all the way to this from Montana but am kinda sceptical. How much of a problem would it be if a few of my buddies weren't 21? Some have fakes. And also, in other videos it seems like everyone is on a boat and there's no way I'm hauling mine all the way down there. Is it awkward to be in a crew that doesn't have a boat? Also, which swat hotel do people recommend staying at?

    14. sixtyeight Whiskey says:

      Meanwhile in China, college kids are discovering a cure for cancer. This country is fucked.

    15. Big E says:

      American girls borrow their bathing suits from their grandmothers! Come on American chicks…get with the program!

    16. Viridiana GR says:

      inviten!!! me gustan las fiestas y la playa

    17. sbpartyscene says:

      awesome video! that event was super sick!

    18. rich r says:

      I wonder how many e bombs were at that party

    19. sbpartyscene says:

      swat used to be so much more turnt