Hot Air Balloons Flying Over London Bridge Swapmeet Lake Havasu, AZ 2019

Hot Air Balloons were taking off from Lake Havasu State Park and flying right over us in the London Bridge Swapmeet. A beautiful sight to see… As they started to take off, it was right when they started to play the National Anthem… This is the only swap meet I’ve … Continue reading

Latest Las Vegas Hot Air Balloons News

'Upside-down' hot–air balloon over Las Vegas turns heads Jeanette Amalfitano thought she was witnessing a tragedy when she looked up this morning and noticed that among a group of hot-air balloons, one of them was upside down with the passenger basket poking up at the top. “I thought something was … Continue reading

Drones and Hot Air Balloons in Las Vegas

I recently spent several mornings with the crews of the Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon company. They launch from an open lot next to a hospital on the western side of the Las Vegas Valley.. They told me that the doctors like having them there, because their early-morning launches seem … Continue reading