The Calamity Corner: ATN (Battle Born, Las Vegas) Webisode Sections: Perfection / Technique in Dance – 0:50 Battle of the Year Battle Born Show Discussion – 2:09 Approach on Footwork – 4:30 Essence in Breaking – 7:05 Training Stamina and Battles – 8:57 Introducing ATN from Battle Born. Hailed as one of the footwork leaders in the … Continue reading

Born This Way Live – Derrick Barry as Lady Gaga – Krave Las Vegas 3.8.2011 – Front Row View

Derrick Barry performs Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” at Krave Las Vegas. Backup dancers include Curtis Goodman, Jean-Luc D’Anjou, Kanoa Galios and Nathanael Nussa. Performed for the official LGBT party for the Nightclub & Bar convention. Derrick Barry Tweets by DerrickBarry Derrick Barry, Britney Spears from … Continue reading