Roger’s Movie (maybe donate a little?) Perfect 3 Act Narrative Vlog – Before i started vlogging – my favorite drone – OTHER GEAR — Sony CAMERA OLD CAMERA; MAIN LENS; BIG SONY CAMERA; BIG Canon CAMERA; BENDY TRIPOD THING; … Continue reading

02: Die – RWBY Volume 2 Soundtrack (By Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams)

iTunes: Google Play: It was just fine, We lived in peace, Looked to a happy ending. The days were bright, They shined like gold, Every step ascending. Our dreams came true, Our path was clear, The moon watched safely from above. But every smile, Is not the same, … Continue reading

02: Red Like Roses (Red Trailer) – RWBY Volume 1 OST (Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams)

Download now! Enable CC’s on the video player for lyrics! Jeff Williams on Itunes: RWBY OST Playlist: RWBY Score Playlist: Lyrics (enable CC on the video player): Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest White is cold and always … Continue reading

05: Caffeine – RWBY Volume 2 Soundtrack (By Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams feat. Lamar Hall)

iTunes: Google Play: Listen up strap in notify your next of kin, You’re about to take a ride a little on the blazing side, Guzzle down your red bull you’re gonna need a bucket full, You’re watching me accelerate and tear apart the interstate. A certified monster I’m … Continue reading