Blacksmithing Wrench Knife – Making a Fallout 4 Inspired Disciples Blade

Thanks for watching and enjoy! Support the channel on Patreon – Some of my work and autographed books are available on Etsy: Here are some of my books on Amazon. Thanks for the support! Simple Knifemaking –… Simple PVC Pipe Bows –… Take-Down Archery –… … Continue reading

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Treasure Time! – Part 1

I make a Treasure Quest and go on the search of a life time!….with the most amount of companions ever. XRE Smart Arms – Ermeso Wee Mental Davie – cgy95 Assassin Creed Armor – Gorow333 A World of Pain – Dj Mystro NV Interiors – chucksteel … Continue reading

Lets Survive Modded Fallout: NV Part 3

What if Tim made his way to the Mojave? Can he survive the desert? Mods as they are listed in mod manager, I won’t be linking, just search for them. Project Nevada : Changes gameplay of the game and increases the survival aspect EVE : Changes textures and upgrades all … Continue reading